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Once the dust settles from the crash and the repair upgrade, we'll go forward with an upgrade to the latest version of UBB.
Features include:
Version - November 16, 2001
UBB� is a small maintenance release that fixes some nagging issues that we did not want to hold until 6.2 to release.
Mass email no longer dies with "no data in this part" errors.
The UBB� Accelerator now properly turns off with the rest of the board.
The number of registered users is now accurate.
Users that were declined from the Moderation Queue no longer appear as the latest registered member.
If the Administrator and Moderator custom titles were the same, Administrators no longer have the wrong title assigned in topics.
Graemlins in signatures should no longer mangle email addresses.
Additional filtering has been added to the control panel email settings page.
Added filters to help prevent UBB� from being used to exploit Microsoft Internet Explorer's "About: bug."
Version - October 26, 2001
UBB� is a minor release that fixes more issues not found during the beta testing process.
Fixed "Content-Type" error in cp.cgi during initial install.
Malicious users may no longer create phantom user profile numbers.
Email library reorganized to eliminate most "I'm confused" errors.
Emailing an assembled list of email addresses now works without error.
Typo fixed in "Forgot Password" confirmation screen.
Version - October 24, 2001
UBB� is a minor release that fixes issues that were not found during the beta testing process.
Fixed "Content-Type" error in cp.cgi during initial install.
Prevented member email function from failing with invalid profile errors.
Added additional filtering to the censor list (the list of characters that can not be censored has been expanded).
Added checks to verify profile deletion.
Enabled users declined from the moderation queue to now have the mod queue flag cleared from their profile.
Added additional HTML filters.
UBBs on Win32 no longer die with "Expected to write out ??? bytes, but file on disk is only 0!".
UBB Accelerator no longer dies on some PHP version with illegal / unexpected character error.
Version 6.1 - October 19, 2001
UBB� 6.1 is a major release that includes the following changes:
Control panel ban list feature now has "reverse ban" option (IP or email).
Admin logging shows history of admin activities.
Control panel member management & search features greatly enhanced.
Ability to post without cookies (some functions still require).
Optional UBB� Accelerator added to enhance efficiency & speed.
Private messages outbox, including ability to see whether message has been read yet.
Improved upgrade tool; allows admin to simply upload an upgrade zip and click the button to complete an upgrade.
New Wordlet� upgrade & management tool (preserve Wordlet� text you've already created).
Add custom Graemlins (up to 25).
Custom user titles (admin definable).
Entire file locking scheme changed to prevent corruption issues; depending upon server or load, some boards may appear to react more slowly because the various processes are being properly queued.
Improved control panel entry area, with expanded hit counter (now shows how many page views come from cache) and quick links to resources.
"Update post indicators" link added to user profiles.
Added dozens of other minor enhancements.
Version 6.05 - June 26, 2001
UBB� 6.05 is a small but important release that contains the following changes:
Better warnings when importing archives in case the archives.pl file has incorrect permissions.
Importing will now exit with an error message rather then creating unlimited numbers of new archives.
Increased error checking and more descriptive warnings on initial setup.
Increased error checking on certain profile functions.
Version 6.04f - June 12, 2001
UBB� 6.04f is a small but important release that contains the following changes:
Additional filtering was added to many forms to ensure that form contents are properly using the POST method instead of the GET method.
Numerous small typos were fixed, including the infamous missing slash in the ratings list, and the calls to ultimate.cgi in the COPPA alert emails, and the no-maximum-per-page wording in the control panel.
Version 6.04e - May 16, 2001
UBB� 6.04e is a minor release that also includes a fix for a bug introduced in 6.04d.
Searches will no longer randomly display "test: ", a number, then die.
Searches in the control panel for member numbers that do not exist will no longer return an incorrect error page. Additional checks are now made when rebuilding member stat files.
The 6.04d bug allowing users to choose display names that were already reserved is now fixed.
Replying with Quote to a message that itself was a Reply with Quote will no longer cause nested quoting problems.
A typo that set permissions on a file twice during registration is now fixed.
Users with no image in their profiles, who have edited their profiles or registered since an upgrade to 6.04d, will no longer have a broken image in their profiles.
Version 6.04d - May 2, 2001
A small but important update for those boards that allow unregistered posting.
Unregistered users must now comply with the rules for registered users.
Form checking methods during registration and when creating new posts have been improved. If the last_number.cgi file is corrupted, UBB� will no longer overwrite an existing user profile during user registration.
If the cache directory is not properly created during setup, UBB� will now return an error message rather than a blank page.
For new installations, the high-bit character username option is DISABLED by default rather than enabled.
Version 6.04c - April 24, 2001
A very minor release that includes changes mostly targeted to fix the following specific items: Additional filtering was added to user profile fields that accept URLs only.
Strict mode errors regarding an undeclared variable have been fixed.
The Spanish and French versions have a repaired text phrase that was not transformed into a Wordlet�.
Tildes in the Board Closed message will no longer cause problems after board maintainence.
Users who did not get promoted from Junior Member to Member should now get promoted properly the next time they post.
Version 6.04b - April 18, 2001
A very minor release that includes changes mostly targeted to fix the following specific items: Additional instances of blank character sets have been removed. This should resolve most phantom 500 Internal Server errors / Software Errors, as well as provide some relief to those using alternative character sets.
If the UBB IMG code is permitted in user signatures, users may now use Graemlins in their signature as well.
The default wording for the user_not_approved Wordlet(tm) within vars_wordlets_err has been modified to reflect a change in the way it is used (English version only).
The mysterious ability for moderators to enter private forums that they do not moderate (accidently introduced in 6.04a) has been removed.
Added control panel field for maximum string length before truncation.
Version 6.04a - April 12, 2001
A very minor release that includes changes mostly targeted to fix problems experience by UBB� owners hosted on very old versions of Apache**, Hostpro.net's somewhat unique server configuration, or on WebTen servers.
Upgrading from a 5 version on hosts that run older versions of Apache** (and a few other custom servers) will no longer cause an Internal Server Error.
Updating your profile on a UBB� that is installed on a host that runs an older version of Apache** (and a few other custom servers) will no longer cause an Internal Server Error.
The transition template will no longer appear when calling ultimatebb.cgi directly.
Small typo fixed in the control panel in the posts per page drop down selection.
The cache is once again ON by default (6.04 defaulted it to off).
Moderators cannot enter private forums that they are not granted specific access to. This affected 6.04 only.
** Apache(1.3.3 and below) To determine which server your site is running on visit Netcraft and type the name of your website in the box marked "What's that site running?"
Version 6.04 - April 10, 2001
A very minor release that includes changes to make it easier to install or update from a UBB�5 series board, a small change that allows multibyte character sets in thread titles, and other minor touch ups inluding:
The UBB will now correctly remember its status after certain maintainence routines.
Control panel options that "magically" reset themselves to the default values should no longer do so.
Text based email is now selected by default during first time setup.
Browsers that choose to send ampersand codes to represent Unicode or other multi-byte characters will no longer cause the UBB to corrupt subject lines.
The "run-on" word character limit can now be changed through the Misc. Settings Control Panel to allow longer words in multi-byte character sets.
UBB will no longer send out blank charset headers to the web server during initial installation and upgrades from the 5.x series.
Private forums with multiple moderators will now allow the moderators to enter properly.
Version 6.03 - April 5, 2001
A significant change in the Charset settings but otherwise only minor modifications.
Pipes and HTML special characters used in subject lines were being improperly filtered. They should no longer appear as literals (such as "|").
"Prune by User" fixed properly.
The login request text is no longer displayed if all registration links are turned off.
Threads from boards that have been around for three years or more will no longer be clobbered on edit, and will no longer appear as if they were posted in 2019.
HTML anchors were fixed in the FAQ.
Moderators now can edit posts in their forums if the forum is private.
Fixed no header on certain bad registration requests problem.
Typos were fixed in the control panel search and the private message email notification.
Altered the wording of the control panel fields that accept email addresses.
The fields must contain a valid, functioning email address. If you still receive SMTP mail errors after making this change please submit a trouble ticket.
We have changed the way character sets are used in the UBB.
We have added a new control to the Registration Settings page.
You may now disallow all high-bit characters in usernames.
Version 6.02 - March 30, 2001
A fairly large update that contains a lot of bug fixes and refinements.
In registration email, URL to "My Profile" is fixed.
Link to return to the previous page from UBBFriend� is fixed.
Fixed the formatting of multiple page links.
Fixed the formatting of the topic review text.
Tildes in control panel URLs no longer have a space inserted before them.
Instances of %%CGIURL%% existed in the control panel.
"Today's Active Topics" no longer have an extra, hard-coded white row.
The [URL] tag occasionally had trouble with quotes.
HTML elements were being sent in thread subjects.
UBB� would switch its status to On after some maintenance routines.
Searches for users always returned "1 through", even if there were no results.
Usernames with periods at the end were declared illegal. This restriction has been lifted.
Some usernames with high-bit characters were being rejected. This restriction has been lifted.
UBB� could not email users with no posts. Very old threads or threads with deleted users would sometimes show the user as having profile zero rather than being unregistered.
Many pages used the background color for a foreground table color, which causes display irregularities.
Part of the Wordlet� for the URL instant UBB Code� function was missing.
Searches with certain characters tended to cause errors.
Blank emails sent on registration have been fixed.
Version 6.01 - March 21, 2001
A minor update that contains some bug fixes, two new minor features, and a new download option.
Members can now download .zip files that contain only the files that are new or updated since the last version. This option should simply and clarify future UBB� updates.
The ability for an admin to send an email to a user who has lost their password from the control panel's Member Info screen.
Floodcheck is now used on registration.
Fixed the extra table tag if Iframe review is off.
Changed the http header on all user pages for better performance when changing charsets.
Fixed the forum homepage links.
Fixed the display of the incorrect default topic view.
Added code for those people upgrading from operable pre-Y2K versions.
Fixed a typo in searches.
Added protection for people trying to import archives with the wrong file permissions.
Version 6.0 - March 15, 2001
A total new beginning for the UBB�. No files are shared from the UBB� 5 series. New features include:
Improved cache system to reduce server load.
Private messaging system.
Customizable registration tool.
Customizable templating tool.
User ratings feature.
Wordlets� foreign language translation tool.
Improved modular design.
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