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SCJP, SCJD done, what next
Hi guys,
I hope this is the right place to post this question. I have already completed my java programmer certification and have already appeared for the java developer certification. I hope to get the results next week.
Can anybody tell me what should be my next target. Should be java architecture or something else. I am a bit confused.
All suggetions & remarks are welcome.
Congratulations first.
Vishal you must go for SCEA exam. that is the maximum level and great achievement in Sun Certifications.
After all the Java certs. Go for the Microsoft .NET exams for C#.
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Sorry I can't say I agree Mr. C. Getting certifications for the sake of certifications is pointless. Why does there have to be a next certification?
The bigger question is: What are you trying to accomplish? Maybe studying and attaining a certification will help you accomplish your goal... maybe not. Most certainly it won't help you if you don't know what your goal is.
Don Marquis once said, "Ours is a world where people don't know what they want and are willing to go through hell to get it."
Do you know what you want?
Hi guys,
Thanks for such a great discussion.
Of course in the begining I did my programmer certification because i was fed up with assuring my clients that I was better than the other java enabeled man-sets . Around here every body KNOWS java and I really felt frustrated (I felt as if there was no scope for good knowledge).So I did my programmer certification. After doing that I felt that now I had something to hold me to java, and also something that differenciates me from other chaps. So I went for sun certified java developer certification too.
All said and done I want to establish myself as a java pro/guru. What better way than experience mixed with the right blend of certifications. So I am here. Regarding the .NET certifications after architecture certification I will give it a serious thougts. I don't think that I would have sufficent time in future to go for certification so I am trying my best to gather up all that I think would give me an edge.
Can anybody give me any idea about certifications for websphere/weblogic. I believe that proving competence in an advance IDE/tool would be an added advantage..
By the way I am going for Architecutre once the results for the developer certifications are declared.
I would like to know your comments.
Sorry for the delay in replying.
Thanks in advance.
Hi all,
Is it not like landing your two legs on two
boats at the same time.I didnt understand the
idea of Taking .NET certifications after Sun's

Can anyone please clarify.

Hi Srinivas,
I have not yet decided about the .net certification. But change is the air we breath in our line. So if the situation demands I would go for .net after architecture.
All suggetions are welcome.
Hello Vishal. What about "IBM Certified Developer - XML and Related Technologies" next? This is what I'm currently prepping for, and I believe a strong knowledge of xml (and a certification, of course) will be extremely valuable going forward whether it's into new MS territory (I'd go kicking and screaming, but I'd go if forced (won't happen)) or remaining in the beloved Java homeland.
Vishal, you can get your edge if you get the certification from IBM on OOPS. It is a test of concepts, analysis, design & modelling (UML). I believe the exam is very competitive. It costs around $175.
Boy, would that be sharp cutting edge. An ideal technical arhictect material.
Hi guys,
Yeah IBM certification is what I am also contemplating seriously after architecture.
I believe that OOPs and XML are product neutral technology and concepts. A certification in both of them should be the best choice and would always help.
So, now after my architecture I will go for them. By the way is there any other certification that I should consider.
Thanks a lot.
Any suggetions are welcome
Congratulations first.
Vishal you must go for SCEA exam. that is the maximum level and great achievement in Sun Certifications.
This is not a good idea , SCEA is actually a different branch from the certs you are already doing. Keep your certs relavant and focused, or you may lose credibility. ( having over 140 certifications, for example, is really very unfocused and indicative of someone who cant know too much about anything in particular )

Think of SCEA as an entirely differnt role - one that you would not be expected to be certified in given the context of your current certs. SCEA in not on the same path as the other certs you have. The person suggesting this has over 150 certifications and really seems not to care about the relavancy of them a a whole - I am guessing that you have an actual goal?
My opinion is that IBM - OOAD is the next natural progression - or at leaast 'a natural progression.
Best of luck.
I have seen objective of websphere, uml or SCEA . Best way to do is complete Websphere & UML from IBM first than move to SCEA. If you take the other way you will be in real trouble. SCEA is tough & takes lot of time. Besided completeing UML & websphere exam itself is enough to give recognition.
About XML ... it still not very good . I would expect some one comes out with certification based on JAXP or Web Services using Java API.
Andles, I agree with your point.
Certification should be focused and should show your career objective.
Having 140 certification on so many areas (including Nursing, Sales, )shows that you are really confused about your carrer.
For example, have a look at this certification list .
Are you willing to appoint him in your Pharmaceutical Company as an
advisor for legal issues since he is brainbench certified in Pharmaceutical Mfg.Regulations (US) ?.
It just shows that this person has a PC with internet connection and having lot of time (ie. doing no job for long time = 0 experience) and doing the following.
1. look for brainbench free tests.
2. do the test 3 times in some other username/e-mail account
3. collect the question in a txt file.
4. search the net for answers.
5. once ready with passing minimum answers write the same with the your own user name.
6. that's it ...
.... you are now Brainbenach certified specilist (including specialisation ares like EJB, Graphics, Networks, Accounts, Automotive, legal research, filing, outbound sales, modeling Nursing, baby sitting, sexual harrasment, etc.
Sounds great, if you are fired from your EJB developer position you can become a graphic artist.
If they fire your from artist position there you can always go for baby sitting. Because you are brainbench certified to do so.
So it's your choice to be focused or wide range specialistion with brainbench certifications.
I would like to quote the signature of one of our javarancher -sunil.

"Winners don't do different things
They do things differently"

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Hello Mr.Baba,
the link guy you gave example says in his cv that he is MBA with 3 years experience and oracle DBA, SCJP with Hindi, English, Spanish, Urdu, Punjabi, (Some Russian and currently learning German) at the age of 22 !!
May be he has a super-dooper study embeded-experience technics.
do not waste your time in this kind of research!

you should be sure the person is too smart when he:
* writes all brainbench certifications to build his career
* puts lipstick on the forehead because he wants to makeup his mind.
* gets stabbed in a shoot-out.
* sends a fax with a postage stamp on it.
* tries to drown a fish in waters.
* thinks socialism means partying.
* trips over a cordless phone.
* takes a ruler to bed to see how long he slept.
* At the bottom of the application where it says "Sign Here" he puts "Sagittarius."
* studies for a blood test and fails.
* sells the car for gas money.
* misses the 44 bus, and takes the 22 twice instead.
* drives to the airport and sees a sign that said, "Airport left", he turns around and goes home.
* gets locked in Furniture Shop and sleeps on the floor.
ok!! i am not a racist !!
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The guy has to get 57 more certifications to become world topper !!!
Do not truble him, probably he is too busy preparing for some of the following exams at brainbench:
3D Studio MAX
Adabas Administration
Advertising Industry Knowledge
Aerospace Industry Knowledge
Anatomy & Physiology
AOL 5.0 Fundamentals FREE
Assembly Language
Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM)
AutoCAD 2002 (U.S.) Coming Soon FREE
Benefits Administration (U.S.)
Benefits Management (U.S.)
Biochemical Lab Techniques
Biotechnology Industry Knowledge
Business Fundamentals (U.S.) FREE
Cardiovascular Core Knowledge
Cellular Technology
Childcare Fundamentals (U.S.) - advanced version of Baby Sitting
Cisco Network Design
Citrix Administration
Compaq Server Administration (Win NT/2000)
Compensation Management (U.S.)
Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)
Consumer Finance (U.S.)
Consumer Products Industry Knowledge (U.S.)
CORBA 2.3 C++
CORBA 2.3 Java
Customer Assistance
DB2 Administration (UDB)
Defense Industry Knowledge (U.S.)
Delphi 6.0
Dietetic Assessment (U.S.)
Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
Disaster Recovery and Planning
Diversity Awareness (U.S.)
Education Industry Knowledge (U.S.)
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
Embedded Systems Concepts
EMT-I Core Knowledge
EMT-P Core Knowledge
Energy Industry Knowledge (U.S.)
ERP Concepts (U.S.)
ERwin 3.5.2 Administration
Fiber Optics
First Aid Core Knowledge
Flash 5
Frame Relay
HIPAA (Security)
Home Health Care (U.S.)
Hospitality Industry Knowledge (U.S.)
HRIS Concepts
ICD-9 and CPT Coding
Legal Secretarial Skills (U.S.)
Lotus 1-2-3 9.5
Lotus Domino R5 Programming
Macintosh OS8 Navigation
Medical Billing
Medical Office Skills (U.S.)
Multiple Virtual Storage (MVS)
Neonatology Nursing
Nursing Assistance
Nutritional Analysis
Office Cleaning (U.S.)
On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP)
OO Design Patterns
Orthopaedic Nursing
OS/2 Warp Server Administration
Pharmaceutical Clinical Trials
Physical Assessment Techniques (Adult)
Physical Assessment Techniques (Pediatric)
Python 1.5
Real Estate Finance (U.S.)
Records Information Management
Retail Management (U.S.)
SEI Capability Maturity Model Implementation
Solomon IV
Telephone Etiquette
TV Production Industry Knowledge
Vital Sign Techniques
WebSphere MQ FREE
Written French
Written German
Written Italian
Written Portuguese
Written Russian
xDSL Technology
Wish him all the best!!
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I have a different view from you guys --- Although I STRONGLY discourage people to spend time to get so many certificates in so many areas (All of my certificates are from SUN Java),
I feel there may be something special for this person. If he is really "world rank 3" in brainbench certification, he has something special. No matter what you do, what field(s) you work in, no matter how stupid others think you are doing, if you can get to world top rank 3, you have something special. This can stand this guy out.
If I am the manager I would hire this guy and give him a try at least. Come on, we all have worked in IT for years, I clearly know it is not that as tough as rocket science in most cases. In many cases hiring people focus on experince only, I know experience is very important, but we should also be open to some "unique" people and don't underestimate them by using the common rules on average people.
But, I have say this guy "Amar"'s resume doesn't look good at all. He splits his experience into small pieces like "one week" or "two weeks" so that it looks he has done a large number of projects within a limited time, but that's not a good strategy at all.
Of course, if I was the manager, I would be very curious to figure out how he managed his time to prepare and get those 146 certificates. I want to see what I can learn from the way how he manages time, truly.
Wow! that's great to see a whole thread "focussed" on me! hmm thanks to all, I love to hear my criticism, because that gives a chance to improve.
About the focus :
The company I work for , is a web applicatin service provider and has nearly 50 programmers all "focussed". BUT my company also gets projects in Systems Programming, automation, Embedded Systems(Palm, ASIC, RTOS) and even web based applications that have to be done in obscure technologies(that we don't use usually like MivaScript, Ruby etc.). Sope the question is , shall we say NO to our clients!? heh no way! We DO the task. I am recently working on Redundant Windows Services development in VC#.NET. The only thing is that I program in just anything! My "focus" not fade but wide!
About the Certifications:
Brainbench tests are like IQ tests for me, I take these tests to check my knowledge. And hey I think some people need to change their spectacle numbers who found "Nursing and Baby Sitting" in my transcript. kinda funny! Somebody even wrote I have 0 experience, I can't stop laughing man.
Addressing Mr. Joshi
I know my resume looks bad I had just put some selective tasks in the end of the resume, can you please suggest some good sample? regarding the preparation for tests etc., I read books everyday (books are sleeping pills), but not for any specific "brainbench test". I sleep for 5-6 hours, moreover MBAs should not sleep before 2.AM , this is what I learnt.

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