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Anyone taken IBM Solution Dev Exam ??
Has anyone taken the IBM Solution Developer Exam?
I have the two prerequisites (SCJP + IBM test 286) and am ready to go on to the next step. I assume it's similar to the SCWCD. I have seen advice and braindumps on both of the prerequisite tests but very little, to no advice for the solution developer test itself. IBM doesn't even have one of their practice exams for it.
Any advice is welcome. Just curious.
Yes, I am an IBM Certified Solution Developer as mentioned in the IBM Website. I have SCJP + WSAD 286 as mentioned in this following site http://www-1.ibm.com/certify/certs/adsdwssv5.shtml
Am I correct in saying the Solution Dev. test is similar/easier/more-difficult than the SCWCD? Is there a great deal w/ JDBC/other-stuff, or mostly servlets/jsp?
Trust me, I've viewd that Solution Developer test specs numerous times but IBM is not as explicit with explaining the test as they are with other tests.
I'm trying to get a flavor for the actual test.
Any clues are greatly appreciated.
Thank you - Will
There is a preassessment test for Test 286 on the IBM site.
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yeah, I know there's a 286 practice exam, I took it and passed the real thing! It's odd ibm has practice exams for most exams/certs they offer but not for the Solution Developer.
I'm still looking for the flavor of the exam - being if it's similar to the SCWCD w/ some JDBC or what...
Hey Will,
The IBM CSD is just the SCJP plus the 286 Test.
Try the following link:
One thing you need to know is that you have to fax the SCJP to IBM. Check their web site for details.
Ha, no way. So you mean the SCJP & the 286 constitute an IBM Solution Developer!!! IF so that's great...and I feel like a doof. I've checked out that page a number of times. I was under the impression that those two tests (scjp + 286) are the prerequisites for the final (solution developer) test. Please let me know if I still have the wrong idea as to what's going on.
thanks again - W.

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