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Passed IBM 252
Today i cleared 252 exam...passing score was 59% and i scored 68%...I took this exam under SOA scheme of IBM where they offer 50% discount if you clear thier sample assesment test.

Any help regarding the exam,give me a shout.

Congratz !
Hey Prashanth,

Congrates!!! Man :-)

Good Work!

Thanks friends!!
Hello Prashant:
Can you tell me what books.study material you used to prepare for the sample assessment test as well as for the main test.
Hello Prashant:
Can you tell me what books.study material you used to prepare for the sample assessment test as well as for the main test.
I think IBM has given some 4 redbooks in thier study material links but my honest opinion is that most of them has non relevant stuff for exam objectives.You need to select few topics in the red book.I studied most of the exam objectives in infocenter and it really worked out.

So my suggestion is to first go through infocenter for studying exam objectives.Also practical administyration experiance is quite crucial for this exam.i was doing administration for abt 6-9 mnths...not on a day to day basis but on need basis...So before going to exam,make sure you go through administrative console thorougly so that you remember where you can find different options ...like log file rollover....enabling/disabling etc etc...

You can go for sample assesment test as its a sort of open book exam...i mean,you can browse through infocenter and find answers to them online before nanswering them ...In that way you CANT asses urself properly but you can be sure that you can clear assesment test[bear in mind that you get 50% discount if you clear assesment test within this month...]...

Also dont go for any external mock certification etc etc for 252...there are hardly few people who knows it..I have wasted some money on certsphere,eplanet pdf etc etc...Most of them repeat questions in sample assesment tests...So since 252 is new,you wont get much help from fellow users ..I faced the same problem as i didnt had anyone to ask help for...

But since i have cleared exam now,i will help you in whatever way i can..

All The best

Need your help.

Please pass the infocenter url.

Also send me if you have any materials.

Hi Prashant ,

Congrats on passing the IBM test 252.
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Hello Prashant.
Congrats.Good work.For how many days did you prepare for the exam?
Do we still have this offer from IBM?
If yes ,please do let me know where to look for it.

Which one do you suggest me to take either 252 or 253.

Can you share any study notes for 252 test

Thanks and Regards,
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