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Websphere Administration

I've worked in to java development for around 2 years now and I am sun surtified(SCJP 1.4). I've little knowledge on websphere as well. I've aspiration to work as a websphere Administrator and get certification into it. Is it a good idea?

There are few training programs which my current firm offers. Although I cannot attend all, could you guide me on which one I should attend and in which sequence? and which i can study on my own?

1.WebSphere 5.0 Installation and Configuration
2.Command-line Administration in WebSphere 5.0
3.Configuring the WebSphere 5.0 Environment
4.Maintenance and Performance Tuning in WebSphere 5.0
5.Troubleshooting in WebSphere 5.0
6.WebSphere 5.0 Application Assembly and Deployment
7.WebSphere 5.0 Application Server Architecture
8.WebSphere 5.0 Workload Management, Scalability, and Failover
9.WebSphere Application Server Ver 6.0 - Administration (WAS 6.0)
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First challenge is to decide whether you need WAS6 or WAS5.
Based on that ,you select the last course if its former or the remaining ones if its latter..both was 5 and 6 has its own admin certifications.
For 6 its IBM-252 and for 5 i think its 351

All the Best
Thanks Prashanth,

I wants to go for 'System Administrator for WAS5'.Could you tell on which sequence i should attend these program?

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