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Sample Questions--Part A  RSS feed

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Here are some of the Questions recently discussed in Yahoo Discussion Forum. There are presumably taken from a website SkillsDrive. I am pasting them here, for sake of discussion:
1.For an application that makes use of XML, the input XML data set
consists of many elements and is very large. The BEST way to filter
or extract a subset of information from the complete XML document
would be to:
a) Parse the input into a DOM tree and traverse the resulting
b) Employ an "event driven" processing model to extract the
required elements.
c) Make use of an XSL style sheet.
d) Use the Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) vocabulary.

Ans b)
Using SAX does not need to load whole data into memory before manipulating
2. Processing instructions can be used for all of the following
a) a method for passing document presentation information.
b) a method of extending documents without altering DTD
c) a mechanism for extending schemas that cannot otherwise be
d) a mechanism for indicating hierarchical levels of structure.
e) a hook for scripts or server-side includes.
Ans a)
PI cannot touch presentation

3. To define an XML vocabulary, an XML developer could use:
a) UML
b) DTDs
c) Namespaces
d) XML Schema
b) and d)
Both DTD and Schema is use to define XML vocabulary to be used in XML
4. What is the implication of the fact that XSLT is a side-effect
free, declarative programming language?"
a) XSLT does not support recursion.
b) XSLT does not support inclusion of one stylesheet into
c) XSLT does not support if-then-else, while, for statements.
d) XSLT cannot support data structures.
e) XSLT cannot interact with an external system.
f) Value of a variable cannot be updated.

The correct answer is (f) - variables cannot be updated with XSLT.
Recursion is characteristic of XSLT.

5. When is a multistep XSL transformation step preferable?
When processing logic is highly modular
When processing logic is highly interrelated
When XML documents are extremely large
When XML documents are extremely small
Ans C
6. what is true about xsl:variable and xsl param
1)The xsl:variable is limited to a single style sheet.
2)The scope of the xsl:variable has no defined limit.
3)The scope of the xsl:variable is limited to the entire style
4)None of the above
Ans 4
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