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Cleared IBM Test 141
Thanks all for your help. Today I cleared IBM test on 141.
I got 4 or 5 questions from DOM and SAX topics. Few questions(2 or 3) were repeated from the IBM sample tests 140 and 141. Lot of questions from XSLT and XSD. 3 or 4 questions came from XSL-FO. One question involving SOAP, WSDL and UDDI. One question related to XML Query. No questions from XML Signature/XML Encryption.
At least 10-12 questions had 2 to 3 correct answer choices. That is the toughest part of the exam.
50 % of the questions were purely theoretical and looked simple. But the answer choices were bit tricky.
Around 20% scenario type large questions.
Remaining ones were having code snippets.
I read:
* Quick Reference Skonnard.
* Sams Learn XML in 24 hours - Michael morrisson(indeed this book motivated me as I did not know much about XML one month before - so a good book for a novice to start with)
* Rogers PPT for XML Schema
* ZVON Tutorials on XSLT and XPath
* W3Schools tutorial on SOAP, WSDL and UDDI.
* IBM Developerworks for Scenario Questions.
Downloaded the trial version of XML Spy and had a bit of practice.
Thanks all and this forum is a nice learning place for all people who aspire :roll: to get a IBM XML Certification .
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Congrats Rajan..! Way to go..!
Hi Rajan,
Congrats rajan..done a good job.
Can you say the depth of the questions ? particulary xsl & xsd
Hi All/Michael,
Thanks once again. The questions asked on XLST and XSD were quite straightforward. Many questions were theoretical. Got questions on xsd:all, complexType, simpleType, enumerated types etc. Mainly they were related to the valid and invalid usage, valid and invalid syntax etc. Few code snippets involved xsd:list, xsd:enumerated types, xs:key, id and idref.
I got less questions in XSLT. I got a code snippet involving following axis. All others were scenario based questions involving XSLT.
One important thing is, few questions (as many as 4 to 5) repeated from IBM Sample tests 140 and 141.
Wish you all Good Luck !
Nice shot Rajan
Hi Rajan,
Thanks & congrats.
Hi Rajan,
Thanks for infor & congrats.
(taking test on Monday) i think
Is IBM Sample tests 140 and 141 - one or two tests. I see the 141, 140 was replaced, is there still a practice test?
Hi Mary,
Good Luck for your XML examintion.

Please see the Mock Exam section in this website. You will find sample question and answers for Test 140 and 141.
I am giving the links for the 140 and 141 test.

Test 141
Test 140
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Rajan, thanks for the link I sawa the link to 141 but not 140.
Congrats Rajan,..
Rajan i am also planning to take XML certification. could you please provide appropriate link for
"IBM Developerworks for Scenario Questions."
As per your post u used above resource to study. Waiting for your help.
Here are the links:
There is a good tutorial on XML. At the end there are 3 case studies, which may help you as they are scenario based.
Hope this helps !

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