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Who can help me to solve the 3 questions

NancyLee Lee
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1. From "http://www.javaranch.com/xml/XML_DOM_SAX.htm":
question 6 of DOM & SAx quesitons:
When you construct an XML using a DOM enabled parser, the same parser should be used to process back the XML document when the process involves legacy applications, otherwise it is not necessary to do so.
a)Not really
b)Yes, whenever the process is between legacy connectivity this is better
c)you can use SAX enabled parser to fill this gap
d) This statement is not a correct one, because DOM is constructed using IDDL?
The answer given the author is d), who can explain the answer for me? What's IDL?
2)From "http://www.javaranch.com/xml/XML_DTD.htm":
Question 3: which of the following code is valid?
The answer given by the author includes the following c). But I think the ' ]>'of the first line should be moved to the end. right?
c)<!DOCTYPE test [<!ELEMENT test.dtd (#PCDATA|elm1|elm2)* >]>
3)From "http://www.javaranch.com/xml/XML_core.htm":
Question 21:
Attribute standlone='no' should be included in XML declaration if a document:
The answer given by the author is d) has an external DTD. But why not include b) has external general reference?
Thanks a lot.
Nancy Lee
Harsha Jay
Ranch Hand
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Hi Nancy,
I do not know about question 1.
[Many people who were answering questions have all gone....... ]
The answer to question 2 is right, you have to move ]> to the end
The answer to question 3 is only d, because the standalone attribute only pertains to the DTD location
Hope this helps
[ October 22, 2003: Message edited by: Harsha Jay ]
Hari Vignesh Padmanaban
Ranch Hand
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hi nancy,
IDL stands for Inerface Definition Language. Since DOM is based on IDL, It gives the interfaces that any application using DOM has to implement. (An interface just defines methods, it is the responsibility of the methods in an application implementing the interfaces to provide an implementation for such methods)
I think what the author meant by saying "d" as teh answer was that
" DOM was developed using IDL and implements only the functions defined in teh interfaces. So it has no relation to any methods that require processsing the XML back from the legacy system !!
I hope I am right !!!
Hope it helps!!
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