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munna next
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Hi Everyone,

These are some of the mock exam Questions. I am not sure about the answers. Can any one Pl explain what the correct answers could be.


1. "In an XML document, namespaces may need to be declared."
Referring to the statement above, besides the default namespace, what is the number of additional namespaces that you can use in a single document?
A. 1
B. 4
C. 7
D. 15
E. Unlimited

1. Answer E.
2. Which one of the following statements about XML is NOT true?
A. XML is used for data markup.
B. XML is used to describe representation transformations.
C. XML is used in HTTP request objects.
D. XML is used in deployment descriptors.
E.XML is used in configuration files.

2.Answer B.
3. XML generated by a servlet or JSP CANNOT be displayed by a browser in which one of the following ways?
A. By using an applet running in the context of the browser
B. By directly using the browser's default style sheet
C. By converting the XML through an XSLT style sheet embedded in the XML and applied by the browser
D. By passing it from a browser to another servlet or JSP for reformatting
E. By converting the XML through an XSLT style sheet on the server

3. Answer D.
4. What are the components of an XML document?
A. Header, Root Element
B. Prolog, Root Element, Miscellaneous
C. Prolog, Header, Body
D. Prolog, Root Element
E. Header, Body

4 Answer B.
5. What statement is true when processing XML in a servlet or JSP?

A.There must be an embedded DTD.
B.There must be embedded XSLT to describe the transformations
C.A DTD does not need to be provided.
D.A DTD or Schema must be provided for validation.
E.A DTD must be provided and validated against.

5 Answer D.
6."Many different parsing techniques are available for use in J2EE applications and there are reasons why each of them might be used. Assume the only programmatic use of XML in a particular J2EE application is to read XML data (for which there is no DTD or Schema) from another source and use a few of the values in some internal computations."
Referring to the scenario above, what style parser do you use?
A. Custom written parser
B. Non-validating DOM parser
C. Validating SAX parser
D. Validating DOM parser
E. Non-validating SAX parser

6. Answer B.
7. What XML-based technology do you use to describe the service interface for a Web Service application?
D. Schema

7. Answer E
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