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Message: tag name "EICREPDetails" is not allowed

Usman Gani
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Hi All,
I am facing an unique problem. I have a xml when i upload this through message hub .it is throwing a error Message: tag name "EICREPDetails" is not allowed.

EICREPDetails is root element in schema; same root element is also there in xml.

Detailed Error:

SERVICE_MESSAGING::There are 1 validation errors found in XML file: /sns/datafiles/trade/ipapcs/messages/validate/EICREP_28112007123330.xml

------ VALIDATION ERROR ------
Error num: 0
Severity: 1
Message: tag name "EICREPDetails" is not allowed. Possible tag names are: <CanonicalizationMethod>,<DSAKeyValue>,<DigestMethod>,<DigestValue>,<GateOpenReportDetails>,<KeyInfo>,<KeyName>,<KeyValue>,<Manifest>,<MgmtData>,<Object>,<PGPData>,<RSAKeyValue>,<Reference>,<RetrievalMethod>,<SPKIData>,<Signature>,<SignatureMethod>,<SignatureProperties>,<SignatureProperty>,<SignatureValue>,<SignedInfo>,<Transform>,<Transforms>,<X509Da ta>
Linked Error: tag name "EICREPDetails" is not allowed. Possible tag names are: <CanonicalizationMethod>,<DSAKeyValue>,<DigestMethod>,<DigestValue>,<GateOpenReportDetails>,<KeyInfo>,<KeyName>,<KeyValue>,<Manifest>,<MgmtData>,<Object>,<PGPData>,<RSAKeyValue>,<Reference>,<RetrievalMethod>,<SPKIData>,<Signature>,<SignatureMethod>,<SignatureProperties>,<SignatureProperty>,<SignatureValue>,<SignedInfo>,<Transform>,<Transforms>,<X509Da ta>
Offending column num: 16 (incl indentation spaces)
Offending line num: 2

I am not getting any clue...what is the problem ...can you help me to solve it. Thank You

I think problem coming in the code written below:::

MessageVO validateXML (String messageType, String xmlFilePath) throws MessagingException


debug ("Message Type is: " + messageType);

debug ("XML File Path: " + xmlFilePath);

MessageUtilFactory myFactory = MessageUtilFactory.getInstance ();

MessageUtil myMessageUtil = myFactory.createMessageUtil (messageType, xmlFilePath);

MessageVO voForMessageType = null;

// Messaging Util may be null until all message types factory have been produced.

if (myMessageUtil != null)

voForMessageType = myMessageUtil.getVODetails ();


captureProcessingErrorAndThrowAlert ("No message util available for message type <" + messageType + ">. <" + xmlFilePath + "> cannot be processed.",

"MessageValidationHelper", "validateXML");

// If there are XML validation errors propogated back, format all the validation errors contents for email sending later. Throw exception to stop processing.

if (voForMessageType != null && voForMessageType.hasValidationError ())


MessageValidationError [] errors = voForMessageType.getValidationErrors ();

StringBuffer validationErrorContents = new StringBuffer ();

validationErrorContents.append ("There are " + errors.length + " validation errors found in XML file: " + xmlFilePath + "\n");

for (int i=0; i < errors.length; i++)


validationErrorContents.append (errors [i].toString ());


captureProcessingErrorAndThrowAlert (validationErrorContents.toString (), "MessageValidationHelper", "validateXML");

return voForMessageType;

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