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XML Sample tests
Hi guys,

i am preparing for xml certification.i have read Begining XML and three part xml tutorial from IBM and i took the sample test last week i am able to score only 46% in the test.i read the book one more time and took the test again still i am at 46%.I dont know what to do.Please advise.
Hello "RVD"-

Welcome to JavaRanch.

On your way in you may have missed that we have a policy on screen names here at JavaRanch. Basically, it must consist of a first name, a space, and a last name, and not be obviously fictitious. Since yours does not conform with it, please take a moment to change it, which you can do right here.

As to your question, does the test result tell you which questions you got wrong, and what the correct results would have been? If so, do you understand by now why you got answers wrong? Then you should score better the next time around.

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