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Download codes/XML for J2EE Web Services
Hi Richard,
Is there a link whereby we could download the codes/XML in the book? That could save us the time in typing them out again?
I haven't got the time to test out the codes. But I believe Richard would have tested them out prior to using them as examples. So perhaps there could be some configuration issues?
OK, I'm going to come clean.

I lost the code for the book ... Always and I mean ALWAYS back up your hard drive! I had kept the book code on my old PC because my copy of XMLSpy only works on PCs (I use a Mac). I'm still trying to recover after a worm or wear-and-tear or something made the PC stop working. It won't even boot now.

I did test the JAXR code a lot. In fact, I ran the code through the ringer twice so I'm not sure why you are having problems. That said, the UBR registries never did behave exactly as expected so maybe there was a change.

Anyway, I haven't had time to rebuild all the code for the book yet. If anyone gets a start on this I'll be happy to open source it.

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