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Session Facade, Business Delegate
How is Session - facade different from each other.. as per my understanding they both are to provide simpler interface to the client
business delegate usually talk to Session Facade.
Any further explanations?
BusinessDelegate client interface to underlying business components.

For example if SessionFacade A is a business component then BusinessDelegate BDa is a helper object which implements the same interface as as A.

For client it is transparent to use A or BDa but all the JNDI lookups and remote calls are hidden in BDa.

Typical usage of BD is :

BusinessDelegateXXX xxx = new BusinesDelegateXXX();

You see? No try-catch, no JNDI lookup!
There is small mistake in previous post.
Should be:

XXXInterface xxx = new BusinesDelegateXXX();
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