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Average Scores in practise exams
This question is for all the test-takers who have cleared the SCDJWS.

Can you tell me what you were scoring on an average on the XYZ quiz and whizlabs exams before you went for the real exam?

I am trying to guage what I should be expecting once I start my practise exams.

Thanks all!
did you already see mine?
Thanks for the reply Jesus.

I noticed your thread just a couple of days ago. I attempted the first Mock exam and got 62%. I am really concerned since some of the questions asked did not even seem to be covered elsewhere. Eg: Package names for crytography etc.

I am not sure how accurate these whiz labs exams are as far as the real exam scope goes.
According to this post, "for Security,you need to know what is the purpose of each spec including ws-security,xml encryption and other spec listed in objective 8,but no question about the specific elements and structure is asked,that makes the exam easier".
I think that post above about security was 'accurate'. The description of these security technologies can be verbose, or wordy, but specific. So it can be misleading if you dont know exactly what they are. I think Mikalai Zaikin's guide and the links on Valentin's mapping, helped me on these issues.

But as mentioned in the post above, as long as you are able to exactly identify the technology based on verbose description, you will be able to get the answer asap.

It is always better if you know these items by heart. Like you are able to code and execute digital signatures...but that wont be necessary for the exam.
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