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Vallaru smitha
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1. A conversation bet a service requestor and uddi register is carrried out by means of soap msg. what is the max size of such msg(MB)

2.saaj specification has been derived from the -------------------orginal specification

3. which of the folling type is used to cutomize the sax parser
a. org.xml,sax.handlerbase
b. org.sml.sax.Handler
c. org.xml.sax.helpers.DefaultHnadelr
d. org.sm.sax.helper.saxhandler
e. both a anc c
Ans: org.sm.sax.helper.saxhandler

4. ------------is the name of the propery that must be set prior to creating any JAXR connection to uddi registy
Ans. javax.xml.registry.queryManagerURL

5. which of the folliwng is not web sevice api
jaxr, jax-rpc,jaxp,saaj,soap, none

6. -----is the name of api that defines a pluggable provided architeture that enales support for divese registry specifications and standard

7. --------is the name of the elment that provides all kinds of info about he key used to signing and/or encrypting a SOAP msg.

8. which of the following gurantess that the contents of an xml will not be altered whild transmiting across a network
xml encription,XML digital sign, XML authentication, XML authorization, all the above
A> XML Encription

9. when a multilple actor interact in a given set of web services it is of parmount inportant that the service interface remains as stable as possible. which of the folling ensure the requirement.
1. using rpc as the prmary communication mech
2. suing a document-centric interface
c. Both A and b
4. neither

10. which of the following transcation attributes ae not supported by ejb service endpoints
Ans. Mandatory

11. which of the foll valus are supported for the <auth-method>element child of the <login-config>element in a webl.xml eployment desc in the contents of webserives
1. basic 2. form 3.kerberos 4.client-cert 5.server-cert 6. digest

12. Which of the following mechnaism can be used to log soap msgs
1. using the log4j api
2. using the ws-logging standards
3. using jax-rpc handles
4 using the <soap:log> header element
5. none of the above
A. jax-rpc handlers

13. which of the following are limitations of ssl protocol
1. it only covers conn between 2 peers that communicate directely
2. it is not widely used
3. it is tightly bound to the undelrying tansport protocol
4. it does not provide adequate granularity for protecting msgs.

14. which of the spcifcations provides supoort of miximxing defforsts required by client ot obtain encrption/sign keys and decide whether they can trust them

Could anyone help with answers for above mentioned questions. There are typos please bear with me.


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