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Exam Covers which version of EJB 1.1
Exam covers which version of EJB?
I think it is currently 1.1 When the EJB 2.0 are going to be finalized? If it is really pretty soon then it is better idea to go for 2.0.
Any input on this ?
I took the part 1 test in January and it appeared to me that it covered 1.1. I can't predict what Sun will do but hopefully if they make a change in this they'll make an announcement about it.
So if I am starting now, Should I study 1.1 ?
Is it easy to move to 2.0 later on if they decides to include that on course.
Can anybody forsee this change taking place in near future ( 2 months or so )
Katik , you please sun's site for the overview of the exam. They will have to make prior announcement beforte they change the exam.
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Thanks for you input

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