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Passed part I - 89%
I passed part I today in London
Here is my breakdown:
Concepts - 83% (5/6)
Common Architectures - 66% (4/6)
Legacy Connectivity - 100%
EJB - 100%
EJB Container Mdel - 100%
Protocols - 66% (2/3)
Applicability of J2EE - 100%
Design Paterns - 100%
Messaging - 100%
I18n - 100%
Security - 50% (1/2)
I used only exam study guide by Mark Cade and Simon Roberts, plus I took mock exams that I could find on the web.
Overall exam was easier than expected and it seems that a study guide + some real world experience and common sense is enough. Also it was much better and more rewarding experience than SCJ2P.
A few questions I found in mock exams that seemed to be confusing or didn't have any good answer actually appeared, but with much better answers
Looking into part II now (they say that I have to wait up to 4 days? Who architected this application? )
Congratulation. Good luck for Part II-III.
Congratulations Krzysztof!

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