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1) What most accuratly describes the feature that JAVA 2 security provides? (select one)
i)Browers admins and users can grant access to websites and individuals to have system privileges
ii)browsers grant access to websites and individuals to have system privileges
iii) Browser admins and users can grant access to individual classes to have system privileges
2) SSL. what does it encrypt? (choose one)
1) all tcp data but not TCP, IP or physical headers
2) physical data but not headers
3) ip data and not header
4) specific application fields but not protocol messages
Ans - 1)
3) Which of the following is used for deferring creation
of expensive objects?
1) Proxy
2) Abstract Factory
3) Abstract Method
4) Builder
4) When must you use async comm.? (choose one)
1) in a publish subscribe arch
2) when the network is reliable
3) when the network must be available
4) When you are developing transaction processing application
Ans : 1
5) What is the function of subscribe in publish/subscribe arch.? (choose one)
1) registers interest in an event
2) publishes to the arch.
3) subscribes to the architecture

6) When should you use HTTP with java. (choose one)
1) When using only object references.
2) Through a firewall
Ans: 2

7) In a 2-tier scenario with client talking SQL to Oracle database given the customer requirements, what additional information is required to decide the feasibility of whether app can be migrated to java or a new application written:
1) Application design
2) ER diagram of database schema

8) In both CORBA and RMI, a cause for large network traffic might be? (select most suitable answer)
1) NV lists
2) App data
3) Object wrappers
4) Object references

9) Given a scenario of an existing application with 2 tier fat client accessing Oracle db through SQL, It may be less feasible to migrate to java if? (Choose the most suitable answer)
1) Volatile client app
2) Multiple client platforms
3) Experience in 4GL
4) Experience Database design
5) Experience in Smalltalk
10) A entity EJBObject class of an EJB implements
1) SessionBean
2) EntityBean
3) EJBHome
4) EJBObject

11) SSL is used to encrypt
a) All data
b) Data of IP layer, no header
c) Data of Physical layer, no header
d) Data TCP/IP physical Layer, no header
These questions have been posted by someone.
Can anybody clear my doubts as its bit confusing.
Q.2 and last Q.11 are same and are very confusing.
[ June 14, 2002: Message edited by: D T Rana ]
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Hi Rana,
Below are my (did I say *MY*..) answers. Others could correct the answers if any.
1) iii
I guess the choices could have been
"Browsers,admins and users" ...
Browsers can't give access to system privileges.
So my choice was iii)
2) 2
SSL is used for encrypting the physical data.It sits on the top of application protocol and below the level of TCP/IP protocol.
3) 1
This is obvious.
4) 1
5) 1
6) 2
Http with java is used for java tunneling to pass on other protocols through the standard http port 80.
7) 1
Option 2 basically tells about the design of DATABASE not about the application.
8) 4
RMI and CORBA are distributed object architectures,and they work with interfaces which are being implemented by stubs and skeletons.
They are the object references.
9) 3
let's see which are the answers which don't fit in to the scenario:
1) Volatile client app ==> The application is brittle,so changes are required although might not be in JAVA.
2) Multiple client platforms ==> Java supports this.
3) Experience in 4GL ==>
(Learnt a new thing.That java is a third gen. lang.)
Take a quick look at this.
4) Experience Database design ==> Nothing to do with the question
5) Experience in Smalltalk ==> Should be easier to learn java if one knows smalltalk.
So the answer is (3)

10) 4
11) c
D T Rana
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Hi Madhava,
Thanks for the answer.
From the link u have given, I could able to clear the Q.9.
I have been observing and reading this discussion forum since 3 months and now I am just going through all the mock tests which have been placed by those who are succeeded in Scea Part - I exam.
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