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Tunneling CORBA via HTTP???
Is that possible?
In the WhizLabs simulator there is a question which answer is that IS NOT possible because HTTP is stateless...
Is that correct???
Thank you so much!
Of course it is possible to tunnel CORBA / IIOP over HTTP, so the simulator answer is incorrect. The fact that HTTP is stateless is irrelevant. Some ORBs provide HTTP tunneling as a standard feature, and one can also use third-party tunnels such as JProxy.
-Ade Barkah
ps. I love Brasil & Belo Horizonte! I had the pleasure to visit there last year... I have some of my trip pictures at my home page (click on "Beautiful Brazil" on the left nav); any suggestions greatly welcomed!
Hi Ade!
Thank you soh much for your answer. The things are clear now!
I saw your homepage and the pictures! It's funny how the eyes of a foreigner can show us (the Brazilians) how our country is beatiful...

See you (maybe at Belo Horizonte! )
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