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Passed SCEA Part I with 97%
I'm happy to report I passed the part I today with 97% (47/48). Many thanks to everyone --special thanks to the Web masters-- for putting usuful stuff/links together for an easy access.

I found the following to be very helpful in prep.
  • Sun Certified Enterprise Architect for J2EE Technology Study Guide by Mark Cade, Simon Roberts - Not enough detail, but get you started and give you a direction
  • Head First Ejb: Passing the Sun Certified Business Component Developer Exam (Brain-Friendly Study Guides) by Kathy Sierra, Bert Bates - Very fun book.
  • Sun's JMS Tutorial
  • Introduction to Public-Key Cryptography by Netscape
  • Whizlabs' exam simulator

  • I felt the Whizlabs was quite comparable to the actual exam. This simulator has lots of unclear questions and "I don't agree" answers. I took the practice 1 to find out where I am and then took the rest in the final week of prep. This simulator lets you customize questions e.g. all questions for EJB. I found this quite useful for a final review section by section.

    Congratulations!!! its a great score.

    You did a cool job!

    great score! well done.
    Hi, Great score.
    Can you please share with us more about your experience in the exam. The preparation material. Is there any topics to read outside the documents you have mentioned.
    Also what about the Sun certified enterprise architect user guide book is it good?
    Mohamed Hatem
    SCJP, SCWCD, preparing for SCEA phase I

    My list lacks the coverage on UML/Design Patterns. I've been using them for some time and did not need much prep except for the ones I never used such as Visitor, Prototype, etc. I think one can focus on the patterns that often appear in Java/J2EE.

    Design Patterns in Java - Reference and Example Site was useful.

    Are you refering to the book from Osborne/McGraw-Hill? If so, I didn't use it at all as quite few pointed out that it has some points wrong.

    The first simulator revealed what I was weak, and I focused my study on them. In the final week of prep, I focused on my test-taking strategy. e.g. keeping a track of the number of confident/not-sure/no-clue questions, which question to go back, etc. You pile up 33 confident answers and can relax :-)

    Good luck
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    Congratulations - a very good score. I would agree the Mark Cade book is useful, but only as a starting point. There is no one book that covers this exam. However, general IT knowledge gained from working in IT would also help, together with reading books around syllabus topics.

    Originally posted by Shogo Ito:

    Design Patterns in Java - Reference and Example Site was useful.

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    I was looking for something with good samples on all patterns, tanks.
    A lot of new fangled certification is available since I was a boy 2 years ago, like the Web Components Cert, so I am ganna check them out. By the way Congratulation, 97% is a very good score, but it�s not ganna be as good as mine, oyahh
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