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Some body can tell me if the SCBCD and SCEA fase 1 have common things? Because I'm studing to SCEA-I and perhaps I get the SCBCD in the same time, both talks about EJB... Please send me a response.
I am sorry to tell you that they are basically not common.

The EJB version in SCEA part I is EJB 1.1, while that in SCBCD is EJB 2.0.

Hi Buddy,

Like Nicholas said, the SCEA I use the EJB 1.1 spec, so no MDBs, poor CMP and so on
SCBCD focus is EJB, very deep, you will have to study the EJBs lifecycles, the container model, transactions, relationships, and all that good stuff.
My advise is, go for SCBCD, and then, for SCEA, so you can skip, the EJB part. Well, after all i did.

Why you don't call me, so we can talk about that, you had my number.

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Yes, if you do the Business Component before, you can skip the EJB part of SCEA.

I have read Head First EJB book twice and quite comfortable with the EJB stuff. but have not give the exam.

So IS that fair, If I go for SCEA directly now.


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