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pay for itinerary use case
Hi all

Pay for itinerary use case has 2 flows (base: creditcard and alternative:award), the entry points of these 2 flows are based upon 2 different assumptions.
Any comments ?


can you ellaborate a little more?


In pay for itinerary use case,read carefully the first sentence of each flow


I see what you mean.
Maybe we can interpret it as follows.
If you reach Pay for Itinerary thru the other use cases, then you'll end up in basic flow.
However, If you log in the system an select in the menu "Pay for Itinerary" the system presents you with all unpaid itineraries. This however, assumes that unpaid itineraries are also persisted to the database.

What do you think?

Hi David

My assumptions are based on this scenario,,,,,means, we have to model two alternative flows (itinerary from the current session and itinerary from the database)
They said "keep it simple"

Good luck


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