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Passed SCEA with 94% - Tips for SCEA aspirants
Hi folks
I just got my final SCEA results and here is the breakup

This report�the maximum number of points you could have received is 100,
minimum to pass is 70.

Class Diagram (44 maximum) .......................... 44
Component Diagram (44 maximum) ...................... 39
Sequence/Colloboration Diagrams (12 maximum) ........ 11

Few Tips to my fellow SCEA aspirants

1.Please don�t loose yourself in the low level details, when preparing the assignment, for example I have seen posts in this forum wrangling over the number of entity beans to be shown or used, but I haven�t put a single entity bean in my entire list of diagrams except mentioning it in the accompanying architecture document (index.html).

2.Sun seems to give a lot of importance to the business domain modeling, So make sure you have identified all the domain entities and its attributes and mark associate them with correct cardinalities. Most of all don�t clutter the class diagrams with any value objects or helper classes. We are expected to provide a technology agnostic logical domain model.
I have separately included another class diagram showing relationship between different business interfaces.

3.In the component diagram, some of components I used exactly had the same name as it is used in Petstore; this is rather to convey the role and responsibility of the component succinctly than an adoption of pet store framework. (There are lot of debatable issues surrounding petstore design). The bottom line is one need not tie oneself to petsore, struts or spring

4.Some of those who have passed SCEA mentioned in this forum that they have grouped the components into packages, but I didn�t do that way, perhaps that explains why I lost 5 marks in component diagram. Any way packaging the components and showing them as different subsystems is a good practice

5.I also described in my supporting document how this architecture meets the desired quality of service requirements, I am not sure how important doing this, because in Part-III essay exam any way have to write these things.

Finally thanks for JavaRanch for valuable inputs and tips

How many classes in your class diagram? Did you provide attributes and method names of the classes? Did you change the multiplicity of the BDM? How many components in your components diagram? Did you follow Cade's book for the assignment? Thanks.
The primary class diagram describing the relationships between different entities didnt include any methods.But as I mentioned in my post , I have included other class diagrams , one of them showing the relationship between different business interfaces which course had methods specific to those functionalities
Congrats!!! When did u take Part III?
Congrats, great score!

Hi Sharf,

Can you please suggest me the books that yu followed to get started? I recently cleared the part-1 exam with 95%.

Thanks a lot

If you read the FAQ's on this site or on Sun's site about the certifications it would become clear that you can't 'review' someone else's solution. I would take some time to just read. Read Read Read. Read the FAQ's on this site...that should get you started with books to read, sites to go to for more help, and most importantly rules for posting to this site.
I know when I started the exam I was excited to get started, but it will help you if you slow down and learn from many of the resources that are out there. I hope this helps.

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