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Sun SCEA CAP Training. Is it worth it?
I'm just looking for feedback from those who took or decided not to take Sun Java CAP for Java Technologists Preparing to Become a Sun Certified Enterprise Architect (PK-CERT-JA6A): http://www.sun.com/training/catalog/courses/PK-CERT-JA6A.xml

I have a training budget that would allow me to attend, however, I'm not interested in wasting my employers money either if the required reading, experience, and practice is enough.

Any thoughts on this topic? I'd like to hear from those who took the course and how they thought it impacted their results.

Bump. I too am interested in what the community thinks about this course?

It is a bit pricey and timeline very intense, however, for an experienced architect possibly would help in studying for the exam...???
I reckon if ur a busy project manager or a typical jack-of-all-projects architect designing and/or simultaneously working on a bunch of stuffs, it makes some sense to get some RATJ(rapid architecture training on J2EE...not an industry standard term....lol).

However, if ur into J2EE for a while, a formal training will add on to ur already pressing time requirement preparing for the scea.

Sankha Subhra Das
I have taken this package.
Mixed feelings..

It has some good things but does not go far enough to pass phase 2 of the exam. I found the wizlabs practice ( scea and IBM J2EE ....) exams to be better at preparing for phase 1.

I have re-read the material several times, and actually use the material at work often. However, with diligence I could have gained this information from the web and some good mentors.

I needed to spend 5-10K on trainning for tax purposes. If you need a tax deduction, and have passed all the other developer classes.....

The 9 days of trainning introduced me to several architect/managers that tried to hire me.

Once you pass phase 1 that is where the real work starts. I am still trying to prepare for phase 2 and 3
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