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EJB Spec1.1
Hi All,

Iam new to this forum.

I just gone through the EJB Spec1.1, Its very tough to read it so i like to know is it mandatory to understand it fully? Or Is it enough to read Mastering EJB by Ed Roman.
>is it mandatory to understand it fully?

No, of course not.

>Or Is it enough to read Mastering EJB by Ed Roman.

for SCEA ? I would say it's almost enough.
Understanding the Mastering EJB is sufficient. You need to understand the "hows" and "whens" rather than "whats" of EJB. Spec is good, but it is purely academic. Application of EJB, the caveats, and balancing the choices is what matters the most.
By the way HariniShree,

Welcome to JavaRanch.

On your way in you may have missed that JavaRanch has a policy on display names, and yours does not comply with it - please adjust it accordingly, which you can do right here. Thanks for your prompt attention to this matter.

Enyoy your time here.
Hi Ajith,

Thanks for ur immediate reply. As per ur request I have changed my diplay name.

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