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I am using a proprietary framework in our project. I need a help in regard for an approach to calculate the time elapsed in the different layers of the framework.

We are having different back ends to connect. The current proprietary framework has the layer (tier) wise approach to connect to back end. We are placing our requests through the access layer calling the remote EJB methods, which will in turn connect to builder and builder calls back end.

We already have abstractions for RDBMS/Queues and other back-ends where we can add instrumentation logic. However, we have issue in calculating end to end time elapsed without intruding client code and providing generic solution. It looks like as of now, there are no clear-cut entry and exit methods at client level. (Each client invokes different remote methods on remote objects. No controller in between).Is there any approach that lets to add end - end instrumentation without disturbing existing code.

Please suggest.

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