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A few more mock questions. Set #2  RSS feed

Mark Spritzler
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IntelliJ IDE Mac Spring
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1. Which of the following are not valid Command constants?
A. Command.EXIT
B. Command.SCREEN
C. Command.FORM
D. Command.BACK
E. Command.ITEM
F. Command.START
G. Command.STOP
2. Given the following code, what are the results

A. compiles and displays numbers 0 through 9
B. does not compile since mainForm.append() cannot take String as a
C. compiles but running depends on the Permissions given to the MIDlet
D. does not compile because you cannot include a batch file in J2ME.
E. does not compile because Runtime.exec is not valid
3. Which are not requirements by the CLDC Sandbox model.
A. Developers can modify the class-loading mechanism.
B. Classes must be verified by the pre-verifier.
C. Classes must be verified by the runtime verifier.
D. Custom class-loading mechanisms are not allowed in CLDC
E. Only a closed set of pre-defined profiles are available to the

4. Which of the following are accessible to untrusted MIDlets without
explicit user confirmation
A. javax.microedition.io.HttpConnection
B. javax.microedition.io.DatagramConnection
C. javax.microedition.rms
D. javax.microedition.media.control
E. javax.microedition.io.HttpsConnection
5. What was the 1.1 Working draft number of the CLDC released on
December 19, 2001
A. 2
B. 3
C. 4
D. 1
E. Just Kidding, there won't be a question like this on the test.
6. Which of the following differences between CLDC 1.0 and 1.1 are true
A. The only new exception/error introduced in 1.1 is the
B. CLDC 1.0 had support for the Float class but not the Double class
which is introduced in 1.1
C. CLDC 1.1 introduces ThreadGroups, whereas 1.0 did not allow
D. the Minimun memory has been increased to 192kb in 1.1 compared to
just 160kb in 1.0.
E. Weak reference support has been added in CLDC 1.1
7. In CLDC 1.1 what are the new memory requirements
A. 162 kb non-volatile memory and 30 kb of volatile.
B. 32 kb non-volatile memory and 160 kb of volatile.
C. 160 kb non-volatile memory and 32 kb of volatile.
D. 64 kb non-volatile memory and 130 kb of volatile.
E. 30 kb non-volatile memory and 162 kb of volatile.
8. Which Collection classes are available in CLDC 1.1 specification
A. Hashtable
B. Vector
C. HashMap
D. ArrayList
E. Queue
F. Heap
G. Stack
8.5 Which terms do they not define in the JTWI 1.0 specification
A. must
B. should
C. may not
D. wouldn't if I were you.
E. not with a 10 foot pole.
F. They do call this a "mock" exam right. So I can mock the exam as
much as I like.
The following are write in questions since if they were a multiple
choice they would
be way too easy, and they have already been asked on the other fine
mock exams
9. Screen size recommendation is ______.
10. Color Depth recommendation is ______.
11. Jar size limit is _____.
12. Jad file limit is _____.
13. RMS data size limit is _____.
14. Number of concurrent thread limit count is ____.
All right I will stop there, there are too many questions on these
limits already written.
That I would hope everyone of you are tired of and have them so
engrained into your head
That you dream of 5 RecordStores at night.
15. Which of the following will effectively manage memory and garbage
A. Call GameCanvas.getGraphics() only once, because each call returns a
new instance of the Graphics object.
B. In order to free up memory, close connections and RecordStores in
the finalize() method.
C. You cannot call System.gc() to explicitly run the Garbage collector,
so you need to set objects to null when you are done with them.
D. Reuse a GameCanvas object to keep from creating multiple buffers.
E. never write any mobile device code, this way it won't take up any
oh sorry, just ignore answer E.
16. How do you add a TextItem to a form?
A. call the addTextItem method of the form.
B. call the addItem method of the form.
C. call the appendTextItem method of the form.
D. call the appendItem method of the form.
E. call the append() method of the form.
17. Assuming all interface methods are implemented correctly and all
imports are correct,
and there is a Form called myForm which text can be appended to.
Which letter gets displayed for the following code snippet when a
user does not give permission to an HttpConnection

Again let me know if there are any mistakes, I am sure I must have made at least one.
Answer Key will be in a seperate thread.
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Ken Ho
Ranch Hand
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Thanks a lot, Mark Spritzler.
We can have more mock questions for better prepartion...
Weerawit Maneepongsawat
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Thank you!!!
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