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Testing center in india
hi everyone,
has anyone appeared for this exam in india ??
i am in ahmedabad and would like to appear for this exam in this city.. can anyone provide a url or link from where to get the center address
I am giving exam at STG Delhi u can contact them at following email may be they can tell address of any center at ahmedabad

Jasmeen Nagra
Prometric Administrator
Site: IIA
STG International Ltd.
F - 35 NDSE Part - 1
New Delhi - 110049
Phones: 24656925,26,27, 24649562 Extn:28
Facsimile: 24649563
E-mail: iia@bol.net.in
URL # www.stgglobal.com

alternatively following is the contact details of SUN Education services , may be they can help u as well

Parvinder Singh
Sun Education Services
Sun Microsystems India Pvt Limited
The Capital Court,
5th Floor, Right Wing,
Olof Palme Marg,
Munirka, New Delhi - 110 067
Email - Parvinder.s@sun.com
Mobile - 98104 96538

or u can visit their website http://in.sun.com/education/certification/index.html
i hope this will help u
Thanks to all u guys. I was in desperate need of these contact nos.
Hi, Thanks a lot for publishing the contact details of STG Delhi.
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