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Isn't EJB similar to CORBA?
I mean writing interfaces,clent,server......all this stuff is done in CORBA too,but different approach.
I am sorry if this question sounds silly and irrelevant.
EJB has variety of flavors like session, entity and meesage driven (coffee)beans. Where as CORBA has interface which must be defined in IDL.
EJB handles database complex business as part of container managed persistence, where as in CORBA we have to do by ourselves.(thats what I remember from last time I worked, about two years back )
Similarly security.
CORBA also has instance management.
CORBA is hard while EJB is easy to use.

Originally posted by bhaskar yallala:
CORBA is hard while EJB is easy to use.

Yes, I agree with Bhaskar...
EJB is based on CORBA, so we are bound to see some similarities...
I think there are more number of projects on EJB than on CORBA...
Ever since its inception by Sun Microsystems, EJBs have become very popular...
Wow!That means having a Corba experience will fetch me in getting Project in EJB?
Thank you both for noting the differences.
Basically both are meant for distributed computing .Isn't it?
Thanks again.
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