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Compile error in Client Code
I am preparing for SCBCD.

I am in chapter-1 of HJ EJB. I have no problem when compiling the bean and interfaces. But I have problem when compiling client class. I followed the book but i got compilation error :

package headfirst does not exist
import headfirst.*;

package javax.ejb.* does not exist
import javax.ejb.*;

Classpaths are set correctly according to installation guidence.

Can anyone help me to figure out where am wrong.

Thanks in advance.
For the headfirst package you need to have the client jar file in the classpath and for the javax.ejb package you need to have the j2ee.jar file in your classpath. Please check your classpath again.
Dear Doshi,

I found out the problem. I got compilation error when I follow exactly as HJEJB. After set up classpath, I compile my client file
as javac AdviceClient.java and it works.

Thank you very much.

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