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Market value of EJB exam?
Hey there,

Been working in J2EE environment for a year. With that said I have'nt done a lot of ejbs. I have a vague idea. Iv done the SCJP and SCJD and Im wondering whats next.

I was thinking of Object Orientated Design and Analysis with UML or the EJB exam. Which one would you recommend from the perspective of jobs/money etc? I have roughly 2-3 months which I can dedicate to studying for the exam. Thats roughly 6 hours a week, which I beleive should be sufficient to pass with a reasonable grade.

I don't give much market value to this particular cert, but I do plan on taking it for a couple of reasons. One, first and foremost, I want to complete the SCEA and this will give me some good background for when I am ready (and the SCEA has high market value in my opinion). Two, hopefully I will only have to take the upgrade when the 3.0 exam comes out. Third, I actually think that this is a fun aspect of J2EE and helps me understand some of the tools at my disposal when conceptualizing a project.

Hope this helps.
I have to agree with Patrick here. The EJB's themselves in their pre 3.0 form have been avoided in a lot of projects(in fact as a starting J2EE developer I was taught to avoid EJB and especially entity beans as much as possible).
A lot of open source frameworks such as iBates or Toplink or Hibernate can take care of the object relational mapping and help you do the work without a EJB container(you can also use Spring for the rest of the EJB features) .

Taking into account the fact that it is a pretty old certification it may not double your salary .. but again it is more important that you know the concepts behind then to havye a piece of paper in your record.
I chose to take this SCBCD exam , because it is a challenge for me. I never could understand EJB's .

And EJB3.0 promises to change a lot in terms of ease of development(for instance the EJB3.0 from Jboss looks similar to Hibernate)so an upgrade exam will come easy (especially since a lot of development is simplified).

Nevertheless the other cert you mentioned sounds interesting too
Good luck whichever you choose !

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