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I didn't received the confirmation for SCBCD 5.0
Hi All,

I have cleared SCJP and SCWCD exams and wanted to enroll for free SCBCD5.0 Beta exam. I contacted prometric centre here in Mumbai,India. They told me that I have to provide the information like SCJP Id., exam id. etc to Centre Head at Prometric. They told me that they will schedule the exam for me and let me know the details but I never received any mails from them.

To whom should I contact of this incident? Is this happens with many people or I am the only exception?

Any help would be appreciated.
[ January 08, 2007: Message edited by: Siddharth Purandare ]
Are you taking about SCBCD 5.0 beta instead of SCWCD 5.0?

If so, I am sorry to tell you that the beta exam period is ended by 2 Jan 2007. You can only wait for the offical release for SCBCD 5.0.

Yes nick it was my typo mistake I corrected it. I know that the date has expired but Whom should I complaint thats the question??
You may contact Evelyn at evelyn.cartagena@sun.com.

However, I just wonder whether you have checked the record after registration. If you saw that there was no record after registration, you should report immediately.

As the beta test is passed, and you don't have any evidence that shows you have registered before, seems it will be difficult to justify the compliant.


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