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Help required for BCD 5.0 exam
Hi all,

Can the exam takers of BCD 5.0 let me know whether the exam covers Entity Bean 2.1 also. Cause according to the specs they are still there with EJB 3.0. There has been no change on how they existed previously. Please let me know this as soon as possible, so that I can finish off the test soon.

Not in depth, but there's one topic which says :
* Identify correct and incorrect statements or examples about EJB 3.0 / EJB 2.x interoperability, including how to adapt an EJB 3.0 bean for use with clients written to the EJB 2.x API and how to access beans written to the EJB 2.x API from beans written to the EJB 3.0 API.

You can check all objectives here :

And please check the naming policy too, and change your name accordingly. Thank you
Thanks for the response, but could you throw some light on the number of questions covered. They would really help.

I've just passed the exam
There weren't any questions about 2.1 entity beans. Some posts on the inet could mislead because of misuse of term "entity bean" instead of "entity". Only one or two questions were dedicated to usage of EJB 2.1 session beans in the scope of EJB 3.0. So I think it's acceptable to skip chapters of spec 7 through 11. But it's reasonable to have a little acquaintance with entity beans to be ensured :roll:
I didn't see any questions that required detailed knowledge of DD schema. Still be sure you know what can be set there and the syntax of most often used elements.
Yet another advice is not to ignore EJB roles' responsibilities (they aren't always apparent but happen in the test).

Finally the exam appeared easier than I had expected.

Good luck.
Congratulations for the pass.

You would please help us by telling wether studying EJB 2.0 will help preparing for the new exam. I am now reading from Head First Enterprise Java Beans By Bert Bates And Kathy Sierra. This book is targeted for EJB 2.0. I feel a little bit lost about it. What are the cross points the older and the newer of EJB and from where to study for the new EJB.
Congratulations, and thank you so much for sharing. There are so few comments about people who passed 3.0 !
Thanks for congratulations !

EJB 3.0 and EJB 2.x have quite different syntax but are essentially the same in semantics. The latter is too cumbersome.
Reading Head First EJB will harm in no way People have been posting nice opinions about this book. Though I've never read it, I suspect you could use it as "brain-friendly" guide to concepts of transactions, declarative security and exception handling (partially). The other topics should be certainly studied from several other sources, until something like HFEJB 3.0 is published.

Best regards.
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Can you please let me know any mock exams available for SCBCD 5.0 ?
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