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Recommended Book ?
Hi all, What certification book or books do you recommend that i get for the SCWD ?
Thank you kindly for your recommedations.
the ultimate book for this exam is the book from Manning publishing (SCWCD Exam Study Kit). You can get sample chapters for free from publisher web-site (manning.com). E-book edition is also available for purchasing.
there is aniother book on this topic - from Sybex, but it has SO MANY typos, errors, so I would not recommend it...
also, I would recommend some commercial mock exams (from Enthuware or from Whizlabs).
"Joe Aardvark", my apologies if I'm mistaken, but your name looks to be in the "obviously fictitious" category. This does not sit well with our naming policy. Could you please change your display name? You don't have to give your real name if you don't want to, as long as it looks real that's fine with us.
- Peter
dont take the sybex book. (ISBN-0-7821-4091-2, that will hopefully teach them to publish sheit books)
It has so many errors, not just in questions and answers section, but also in the documentation chapters itself. Just take a look at 95 % of my posts and you will find out which errors.
sorry for the language, but save yourself some troubles and dont buy sybex for web developer certification
(guys from sybex, this is an open invitation to send me a free updated version, since i have corrected so many errors

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