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This weeks Giveaway
We are giving away four copies the Book "Professional SCWCD Certification".
And the best part... the Authors, Daniel Jepp and Sam Dalton, will be online to answer your questions!
Thanks to the people at Wrox for the Books!
See Book Giveaway Page for Details!
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Welcome, Daniel Jepp and Sam Dalton,
WeeeeeeLcoooooooooome!!! (some people here insist that vwls are rdndnt).
I am frst t wlcm y!!!
I find it very nice that the book contains questions but does it have also answers to them?
How many question have whizzlab.com simulator? Does it offer answers?
Some books have cheaper electronic versions.
Does this book have?
It is also important because the time of preparation is not that big for waiting the order from abroad...
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why amazon.com doesn't offer a sample chapter?

Amzon'.com's description of CD:
From the Publisher
The book is accompanied with a CD from the popular exam simulator web site whizlabs.com to test the knowledge of the reader and prepare them for the exam conditions.

Here is the question I am looking for in any book: does CD contain everything necessary to install and configure environment to run the code examples from the book?
Or it is necessary to download hundreds of MBs in order to follow its examples?
Hi Guennadii and everybody!
To answer your questions so far:
Yes the book does come with an appendix containing detailed answers (with explanations) to all of the questions from the book.
There is a sample chapter available from the Wrox Site
I am not sure about Wrox's intentions for an electronic version or wether they have done this in the past - i will enquire for you.
The packaged WhizLabs exam simulator contains 59 examination questions in a format very close to the real exam ;-)
Yes the CD contains everything you need to run the examples including Jakarta Ant + Tomcat, i think the only requirement from you is a JRE!
Hope that answers your questions and thanks for posting
Hi Dan,looking forward to review your book (for free)
But still you could have give some more mocks with it as there is a huge dearth of mocks for SCWCD.
I'll love to have a free copy of your book. I am preparing to take the SCWCD cetifucation and i need all the book resources i can get. I would appreciate if you can supply any tips on passing the exam
Hi Dan & Sam
The way there is sample chapter available, are the sample questions and answers available anywhere online ?
Dan, where are you?
What is your time? Great book! Because, I believe CD is MUCH cheaper than transatlantic downloading!

And many books, and even JBuilder started to have too many links...
I am posting questions about your chapter in separate threads in this topics.
Can you look?
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[ December 17, 2002: Message edited by: G Vanin ]
Hi Swap,
Unfortunately no the questions & answers are not available online.
Writing good quality exam standard questions is very tough and takes a long time hence they are only available with the book!
Sorry to disapoint
how I understand you.
Here, at Javaranch, is Errata on Mock exams.
People find errors for years. Certainly it is separate issue!
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Which JAVA version should I use when I practise the problems in your book?
What timing! Just ordered SCWCD Exam Study Kit: Java Web Component Developer Certification"
by Hanumant Deshmukh, Jignesh Malavia. Any thoughts on comparing Dan's book with this one?
you have not won Dan's book yet.
Usually it happens when you do not need something.
And not vice versa.
Hi Ming,
The JDK you use is really dependant on the Servlet Container you choose. If i assume your using Tomcat then i sugest you use a JDK 1.3 or higher......
Check you servlet container documentation
I am also interested in the book for the certification. But does it cover some sophisticated situations and solutions for them?
Or this is just a guide to pass the exam? And how does it compare to "SCWCD Exam Study Kit: Java Web Component Developer Certification" by Hanumant Deshmukh and Jignesh Malavia?
Hi Cathy,
Primarily the book is designed to cover the examination (it is a study guide after all). What we have done though to try and make the book as appealing as possible is to include some sections that are not directly examinable. For example there is a section on Filters plus a fully working case study that demonstrates best practises etc..
Hi everybody,
It's a great opportunity for taking this exam. Thank you.
Is the Model MVC with Struts(example) is recovered in this book ?
Has it also an introduction to beginners for understanding the servlets how work in the server side ?
The book assumes a certain level of understanding about servlets etc so i would recommend a grounding in servlets and JSP before attempting the exam.
As for Struts, there is no mention of it in the book, although there is a chapter devoted to Design Patterns (as its an exam objective) that covers MVC
Hi Dan,
I have my SCJ2P and am currently working on my SCWCD. What do you feel is the next logical certification for someone who has not had their first IT job yet? SCJD, IBM's XML Cert., or something else?
Hi there,
I have had the opportunity to take a look at the earlier books for SCWCD. The sybex one has too many mistakes. Manning's was good but doesn't contain that many exercises - only about 10 questions at the end of each chapter. I think having some mocks and a reasonably good number of questions at each chapter end is a must for any certifiication exam and SCWCD in particular as the stress here is on memorization so the more questions one attempts the answers get registered in mind. I hope wrox book addresses this...
I've just started looking into taking the SCWD exam, though I've already passed the SCJ2P exam and started studying for the SCEA, and the notice of the giveaway reminded me to come back to the Ranch for useful info and helpful people.
I guess I just want to say "Thanks!" to the authors for writing the book and donating their time to answer questions, Wrox for donating copies, and the Ranch itself for being here.
That being said, I guess I'll start by reading Sun's objectives and the SCWD FAQ posted here.
See you all soon!
Hi Dan,
Whats the main difference between Professional SCWCD and Others SCWCD Books of market?
I have read the sample chapter and think so that is very interesting.
It is good to see such type of type book here,but tell me did the certification pays,don't say it will give u and considered as extra knowledge/jobs.
Is this book maid for only certifiaction,did reader get more than that.
best of luck.
Thank you Daniel and Sam. I was wondering if you have any idean about the changes Sun intends to make on the certification. is it worth waiting for the new version ...
I posted some questions about open-sourced give-away, for ex., in
Can you kindly look over?
Hi all,
I have a very basic question : Who should take the Sun Certified Web Component Developer exam?
How much is different from other book ?
Why would you advice to read it to compared other SCWCD books ?
hi Debbie,
The response for your question is the first lines...See below
Good to see another book for SCWCD.
I am planning to the exam next month.
Can someone post the table of content, so we know what this book cover?
I was wondering if you cover the different API specs 2.2 vs 2.3 ect.
Should I be concerned about that from an exam standpoint?
Hi, nice to see a new book in this topic. I am planning the examination for the next 3 months and I am very short of money. My question: For a medium experienced JSP/Servlet developer this book is far enough? Or I have to spend in another book? It seems to me 59 question too short for a serious preparation, Isn't it?
Does the book include any mock exam on cd?
This is the first time, I am participating in this forum to qualify for the free book.
Since I am planning to give this exam in the near future, thought of trying my luck for the drawings for the book.
Best of Luck to all those who will be giving the Certification Exam.
Thanks !!!
Hi Daniel and Sam,
1) Does this book have a full version softcopy of the book itself? so that we can search for things easily after reading all?
2) How confident are you in terms of typos and technical correctness? I have heard lots of complaint about other books having too much mistakes.
whether your book covers the latest changes in ejb 2.1 - 2.1 details .
Have u kept the sample chapters for review if so can you give the link ?
Is it covers JAXP & JAXM Apis too ?
whether webmethod details are explained in it ??
I would like to ask if you have any special package for the academe. We really want our students to finish college with certifications or at least prepared to take it. I'm currently facilitating students to take SCJ2P. But I think its better if they are prepared for the SCWCD.
I am looking forward to receiving this book. I need this book to prepare for SCWD certification.
thanking in anticipation
I only have a slight chance to win the book - SCWCD. I am just a JSP and Servlet newbie, how could I answer many question to gain points for the book?
I wish to win - books here in the Philippines is too expensive P2,000.00 pesos more or less, wherein the average salary of Java Programmer/Developer is P13,000.00 pesos only.
Hi! Daniel Jepp and Sam Dalton
I have observed that the best way to learn is to practise.
Heres my question: Does the book include, lots of programming examples and exercises ?
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