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Jess, about to hit 1000!
Congratulations in advance(OR maybe you've already hit 1000 when this is posted! Now that Tom made us feel ashamed, I did not want to miss out any more, big hits!

Come on Jess, post another one. You're still on 999 at the moment. And we're all hiding behind the door waiting to jump out and shout Congratulations! and throw streamers n stuff
Well --- I was trying to make my 1000th post -- something exciting ... but ya know what? We'll just make it another meaningless gratuitous post -- sound good?
hmmmm well, at least I can say this -- At least I wasn't part of this group at HP: HP confirms 150 suspended in email porn probe
Congratulations on not getting caught, Jess.
It's always best to keep your pornographic material (re: Marcus' butt) at JavaRanch.
Jess wrote: just make it another meaningless gratuitous post.
I won't touch a line like that.
\ / \ \
/ \ / /
\ \ \ \
/ / / /
\ o o o

Ok, it's bad ASCII art, but what did you expect, real streamers
Congratulations Jess! Pretty impressive achievement
Congrats Jess, your posts are always helpful and easy to understand. Glad to tend bar with you!!
And I told you that that new email scrambler would keep them from finding out what you were sending out.
By the way great pictures!! thanks!!
In case anyones imagination was piqued...
get you minds out of the gutter, there are no pictures, I was kidding
Woohoo! Congrats.
Big congratulations, Jess!!!
congratulations. keep it up. way to go for 2000.
Congrats Jess.
Congrats Jess
Congrats Jess!
[hide]just making one post more and one fewer to 1,000[/hide]
what the hell no [hide] UBB Code again. Well I will try to remember that.
Congrats Jess
nice to hear from you rahul. how are you ? after a long while. where are you ? back in india ? or in finland ?

when u r going to complete your 2000 , man ?

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