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HF page 755 question number 3 doubt

I am not clear about the question 3 on page 755. The four options given for the question are not in the exam objectives. The answer for this question is "Composite Delegate" which I never seen before.

Can somebody pls explain what does "Composite Delegate" ?. I searched in Coree J2EE pattersn in below page but couldn't able to find it.

Does real exam have question like this ?

Hi Bert,

Can you pls explain about my question.

What if I told you that I agreed (with great reluctance) to allow Bert to put *one* joke in the book?

Hint: look at the reference for that question--the document it tells you to refer to...

Hmmm... you're the first person to actually SPOT the *unusual* design patterns (and take another look at that question... do you have ANY idea what it's really asking? The scary thing is that we have all had managers (and read books) that talk like this. But even at Sun we aren't *that* bad

I think that fact that you're the first to find it deserves some kind of special award.

Send me your mailing address and t-shirt size please:

Congrats! (and sorry about the frustration trying to find those patterns!)
Hi kathy,
Thanks for your reply and special award offer.I just send my mailing address to you.


What if I told you that I agreed (with great reluctance) to allow Bert to put *one* joke in the book?

Yeah...don't let him do that again...
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