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can any one suggest books for SCWCD 1.4
I have manning 1.3 book is it ok to read that and look at servlet and jsp latest specs

help me out
Please dont mind my suggestion. Why are you trying to re-research on good books!! "Head First Servlets and JSP by Bryan Basham, Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates" - This book is very nicely written and proven book for the certification.

In addition to this read through specifications suggested in the book and separately give additional 600+ mock questions (JWebPlus) and you are all set for 90%++ score in the exam, possibly 100% that's upto your luck!

All the best!
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I personally like "HF Servlets and JSP" though I am using manning 1.3 version also. 1.3 version do not have EL, new topics related to custom tags, etc. Also I find minor difference in patterns. You must find other resource for those missing topics. Good luck.

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