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HFSJ (310-081) vs. SCWCD kit (310-80) using for 1.4 exam

I plan for the SCWCD 1.4 exam and started with HFSJ for preparation.

In addition I obtained SCWCD Exam Study Kit last year. The nice thing here is that it comes with an ebook version and a number of mock exams on an extra CD.

However after reading the following statements on HFSJ's back:

This new exam is tough. Much tougher than the previous version of the SCWCD.

and Kathy Sierra in thread Is this book sufficient:

the mock questions in the SCWCD kit are no longer an accurate representation of the 1.4 exam questions

some doubts come to my mind whether I should use SCWCD Exam Study Kit at all or not .

What are your experiences?

[ June 30, 2005: Message edited by: Darya Akbari ]
Hi Darya,

I cleared SCWCD exam today (80%).
I read HFSJ and SCWCD Exam study kit by Deshmukh (second edition).
The reason I passed the exam is HFSJ. You may want to read "Design Patterns" from SCWCD by Deshmukh. I also did mock tests from JWEBPLUS from Enthuware.
They are really helpful. (I wrote my exam in great hurry as I am leaving to India on Monday and today was my last chance to take the test. Though I was not prepared to take the test I was kind of forced to take the test. Otherwise I could have scored close to 90% if I did all the tests from Jwebplus and the mock test from HFSJ. I did not even have a chance to look at the mock test and I did only three tests from Jwebplus (though the software comes with 7 tests). So ... moral of the story ...
1. HFSJ (all of it)
2. Design Patterns from SCWCD

Good Luck !

Hi Jaya,

Congratulations for your passed exam. Well, I think now more that my SCWCD Exam Study Kit (310-080) is not useful anymore since you already used the second edition.

While HFSJ is my primary study guide I liked the idea to have an extra CD with mock exams and ebook edition of the SCWCD kit. It's hard to accept that I paid for the SCWCD kit book and can't use it .


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