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Is JavaRanch's SCWCD Mock Exam compliant w/ Sun's 310-81?

is JavaRanch's SCWCD Mock Exam compliant with Sun's 310-80 or 310-81?

It is not meant for the SCWCD 310-081 exam. It is for the SCWCD 310-080 exam.
Of course, quite a few of the questions are still relevant.
Thanks Kedar,


I ask the question again, because after having the mock exam web site back at work I reviewed some of the questions and can not find anything that is not compliant with 310-081 .

Does anyone know whether there where some updates to the mock exam site and whether the mock exam is still only 310-080 compliant or became 310-081 compliant in the meantime

Hmmm ... reading questions from the current mock exam like the following let me believe that the mock exam is NOT 310-081 compliant

Question Bank ID : 9 Choose the 1 correct answer
To map a specific URL to your servlet, which element must be included in your Deployment Descriptor?

  • A <!ELEMENT servlet-url (servlet-name, url-pattern)>
  • B <!ELEMENT servlet-mapping (servlet-name, url-pattern)>
  • C <!ELEMENT servlet-pattern (servlet-name, url-pattern)>
  • D <!ELEMENT servlet-mask (servlet-name, url-pattern)>

  • [ September 02, 2005: Message edited by: Darya Akbari ]

    Why is that question not compliant with the 310-081 exam?
    It is worded differently to questions in HFSJ, but still the answer it is looking for is talked about in HFSJ.

    Hi Mat,

    the term <!ELEMENT...> disturbs me. When I look at the Deshmukh book (SCWCD Exam Study Kit 1st edition 310-080) I can find lots of this term therein.

    On the other hand I can not find one single hit of this term in the HFSJ book. Hence I guess that JavaRanch's mock exam is not compliant with 310-081 or better the current exam.

    That's not saying that one shouldn't do the exam, however she/he should not rely on it and take care to do some 310-081 exams.

    HFSJ says on its back cover:

    This new exam is tough. Much tougher than the previous version of the SCWCD.

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