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SCWCD cleared! (89%)
I cleared the SCWCD exam on Aug 11th 2006 and I scored 89%. I'm relatively new to the Servlets and JSP area. All I had was the HFSJ book. I read that for two weeks(intense study) + one week of mock exams and a thorough review and that's it -- I made it. All credits go to the authors of this book for coming up with such a nice material.
Now I have started preparing for the SCBCD with HFEJB book.Hopefully with the same pattern of study I'll be able to clear this exam also comfortably.
Thank you Kathy,Bert and Bryan!! - Wonderful book
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contratz dude

hey, about your mock exams... how much you have scored in your mock exams?
Mock exams 1)JDiscuss: 80 (Avg)
2)Java Ranch: 84
3)HFSJ Book:70

Hope this helps!! If I can be of any help please let me know.Wishing you all good luck!!
Congrats That was done really fast.

Did you have past experience with Servlets and JSP? I am planning on doing the SCWCD too, but dont have past work experience. Just curious if you had any.
Excellent !! Keep it up
Congratz !!!
Hi Arnab,

To answer your question: I do not have any past experience especially in JSPs. I have tried out a few Servlets in the past. That book HFSJ was the key.Ofcourse I put in lotsa hours everyday.
Good Luck!!

Thank you all for your wishes.
i am also planning to do scjwcd
i have passed scjp1.4
please guide me
i am confuse how to sart study
congrates prabhakar

Originally posted by Ashwini Ghamandi:
i am also planning to do scjwcd
i have passed scjp1.4
please guide me
i am confuse how to sart study

Hi Ashwini,
I studied with the HFSJ book. Try to cover one chapter a day but don't try to be fast. Understand each and every concept.Afterall understanding reduces your amount of memorizing.Mark important points and lines with a highlighter.(believe me - my book is full of yellow highlighting.. . This helps you when you review the book. Do a thorough review after your study.(Took me two full days for the review). Prepare important notes. Install Netbeans and try out the JSPs especially.That really helps.Once you are absolutely confident try taking the mock exams. Then try out the trick problems in Netbeans.Then finally take the book's mock exam because it's pretty tough. Don't get bogged down by its toughness. You can easily score 15-20% more in the exam.

Hope this helps!! This is pretty much how I studied. You need not follow the exact pattern however.Whatever suits you fine, pl. do that.

Good luck!!!
could you please tell me what is NETBEANS ?
Congrats Prabhakar!

That's a fine score on a hard exam!

Well done! Good luck to SCBCD
Congratz Dude!!!
That was really a fast shot..

All the best for SCBCD...

Swati Sucharita
SCJP 1.4 , SCWCD 1.4
Thanks Cai and Swati!
Thanks Bert. Your wishes motivate people a lot.
Thanks again for that wonderful book!
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