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Security Problem
I am trying out the some examples on security chapter in HFSJ:

What has to given in the <url-pattern> of the <security-constraint>?
My web appln folder structure:

In the <url-pattern>, I have given <url-pattern>/SCWCD/*</url-pattern>..sso all the resources are constrained.. whether it is correct or we have to use the url-pattern in the servlet mapping thing here?

I am not getting the alert for user name and password, although I have used <login-auth>BASIC</login-auth>.. why..?

Below is my coding:



Whether by using <login-auth>BASIC</login-auth> will automatically asks for username and password, if we are trying to call the contrainted resources.. I given all the resources under SCWCD to be constrainted..but still I din't get the alert for user name and passwrd ..what will be problem..?
The element is named "security-constraint", not "security-constraints" - there is an extra "s" at the end.
I have changed the security-constraints to security-constraint.. but still it's not working. and why at deploy time it doesn't show the error in the web.xml?
any help regaring this post..?
Is SCWCD your context root?

I think you dont have to include it in the url pattern.

Try /* instead of /SCWCD/*
Do you have any resource mapped to the URL pattern "/SCWCD/*"? If yes, it should be secured. I think you aim to secure all resources in the webapp. If yes, I think you should be using "/* " instead as suggested earlier.
Thanks Jesus Angeles,Satya Maheshwari.. Now it's working...

But if I want to constraint the particular resource (JSP/Servlet)..how can I do it?
Whether it will be like this: (for particular servlet)

(for all servlets)

I have tried Just now the following: I have the jsp for the application form filling:

I want to constraint this JSP.. which at web-apps\SCWCD\ApplnForm.jsp

I have given the url-pattern as /SCWCD/*, whether it is correct?

And also whether we can constraint any files JSP/HTML/JAVA/XML.. or we can constraint only servlets.. because it's associate with http methods?
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An unsolicited advice: if you havent completed the head first book, continue it first. Some of the issues you are having would be answered as you read the book.
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