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Which Exam Stimulator is good one?
Can anybody tell me as to which is the best exam stimulator for SCWCD?
With regards,
Padma priya N.G.
I cleared SCWCD 6 months before and i found Wizlab very helpfull and close to real exam.
I bought Whizlabs Simulator last week and it is cool. I read some where in this forum "Whizlabs SCWCD Simulator is not like SCJP. It is just try to impress people real test is real tough because its test is too tough! So don�t waste time and money!" I personally I see that is interesting.
I used Whizlabs for SCJP, I score 67 in Whizlabs test but in real exam I score 87; that�s for SCJP. Let�s see how I will do for SCWCD test. If any body knows how close are real test score and Whizlabs score for SCWCD test please let us know.

Aaron Raja
SCJP 1.4
SCWCD 1.4 --> on the way (Shock & Awe)
I have been using Enthuware simulator and it seems to be real tough. i think it mite be near to original certification.

I like the idea of a stimulator, it simulates AND simulates. I like to think my course and questions give a good approximation to the real thing (and I have taken the real thing)....
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I'v used enthuware trial version of SCWCD 1.4.But sometimes it hangs.I'v used Whizlabs for SCJP and i found it cool.But content wise i don't know which one is better.

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