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Hello All,

Just came back from the Prometric Center. I passed my SCJA exam and my score is 90%. I am very thankful to all of you for sharing information regarding SCJA preparation. I also used SCJA e-practice exam for preparation, which also helped me to achive this score.

I will post a new topic today for SCJA e-practice exam,

So, lets describe my exam experience from Start To Begining.

You have to do a Survey first , its very small and will not take much of your time and its seperated from exam duration.

Overall, exam questions seems to me easy. I would like to mention , do not take it lightly. At the same time , I do not want to fear you.

Here is the summary of type of questions , However I can not post original questions as per Sun agreement.

Please give attention to detail for SCJA course infomation. None of the question are beyond that course.

Section 1: Fundametal Object Oriented Concepts
Fairly easy.

In general, you should have good understanding of Java 1.4 or greater enum types + you should have clear idea of Abstract Class vs Concrete Class and implemenation. This is very important to score good in Section 2,3 and 4.

Some questions are related to primitive types.

Section 2: UML Represntation of Object - Oriented Concepts

- About Association and Composition, some of them were tricky. Questions showing abstraction and implementation. Nothing better than this :


Please make it clear how association works, with Navigation and withou Navigation. Becuase in some questions you have to match Code with UML diagrams showing association with multiplicit.

Association can be bi-directional or uni-directional. Understating How one class is associated with others, will help you lot to score in UML section.

Section 3: Java Implementation of Object-Oriented Concepts
Be well prepared for "Program to an interface" and "Polymorphism" related questions.Please have a clear idea of UML diagrams showing these concepts.

But also keep an eye on other points of this Section as well such as encapsulation and information hiding.

Section 4: Algorithm Design and Implementation
My score was very low compared to other sections - It was 66%

Some questions about "for each" loop
Some questions Statemets : Assignment, Conditional,iteration.

You should have a clear understanding of Local Variable,Global Variable,Method Parameter and Instance Variable.

++i and i++ , operater associativity and usage. Like Assignment Statement, Logical Operator etc. Please pay attention , some questions may be tricky.

Section 5: Java Development Fundamentals

Questions regarding java and javac with standard command-line options

For that, please have a look at :

you should know, what is difference between
1. -d and -D option with javac
2. and CLASSPATH enviroment variable and javac -classpath or java-classpath command line option.

How java and javac works with -version option.
Some question about purpose of packages like java.io,java.util,java.net,java.awt,javax.swing,

Section 6: Java Platform and Integration Technologies.
Questions about SQL : Purpose of java.sql and javax.sql
Questions about RMI : How to comiple rmi program and how to look up for registry services. Also you should have clear undertanding of RMI overview and advantaged of RMI over Sockets.

You should know that How JDBC is useful in Java and why JDBC API is there in J2SE (java.sql) and J2EE(javax.sql)

Although I did not get other question from this question, but they are also importannt espcially Overview of JNDI and its functionality.

Section 7: Client Technologies

Some questions about
- HTML and JavaScript , functionality of both.
- Swing and AWT, types of components and comarison between them.
- J2ME , type of devices it works, which API it supports , but nothing in great detail. This will be helpful for basic J2me : http://today.java.net/pub/a/today/2005/02/09/j2me1.html

Section 8: Server Technologies

Questions about JMS :
How JMS perfoms its functionality like you can say JMS support asycnronous messaging service by poin-to-point and publisher-subscripe methods.

You should have a clear idea of

What are entity beans for ?
What are Session beans for - whats the difference between stateful session beans and stateless session beans.

What is Message Driven Bean for ? like
Message Drive Bean (MDB) acts as message listener and uses JMS for that type of requirements.

Questions Like , how j2ee forms its architecture in differnt tiers using HTML,JavaScript,Servlets,JSP, EJb (Entity Beans,Session Beans,MDB), RDBMS

This will help you to clear this : http://java.sun.com/j2ee/tutorial/1_3-fcs/doc/Overview2.html

Basically you should know what is in Client Tier,Web-Tier,Businee Tier,EIS Tier.

so, this is my overall experience in exam. I completed my exam in 40 mins including survey.

I hope this information will be helpful to all of you. Please feel free to ask me for any help any time. I tried to put my exam experience in best organized way possible.

Wish you all the best for your exam. There is nothing to about , if you are well prepared.

Best Regards,
Hardik Pandya
SCJA - 90 % Passed on Sept 25, 2006

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Hi hardik Congrats for your success.Thanks for sharing your experience.
I am also preparing for SCJA.Can you tell me which book do you use for preparations?
Hardik Pandya
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Thank you Sam,

I used Complete Reference Edition for Java,J2EE and J2ME. Although exam does not cover that much in detail. These books are really helpful for future references.

Java Tutorial by Sun is worth for all information. Search for some topics in Java.net Gamelan.com,JavaWorld. etc.

Hope this information will help you.

Wish you all the best for exam preparation.

Best Regards,
Hardik Pandya
SCJA - 90 % Sept 25,06
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