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HTML documentation
Can I submit my user guide and design choices document in HTML format?
Yes. See the following lines from instructions.
A README.txt file. You must create a single text file (plain ASCII format; word processor formats are unacceptable) called README.txt that describes to the examiner the following information in exactly the order listed:
Design choices document location is supposed to be listed in readme.txt. It doesnt say which format it is supposed to be. Advised to provide full documentation including UML diagrams as well cas use-case documents etc.
However, JavaDocs and other documentation can be in HTML. Infact JavaDocs will be in HTML only, for all classes, new, modified or supplied.
do I need to produce cross-platform HTML? currently I generate my HTML pages from Word and it's a bit 'shit' on Linux...
I scored the maximum on documentation. This is what I did.
One text file README which included everything mentioned in requirements document.
Design Choices text file, included all the design decision I made e.g why use RMI instead of Sockets, how I programmed the lock/unlock methods e.t.c. It had no UML
Online help in the form of HTML with jpg screen shots explaining how to book, search e.t.c. This was packaged in the jar files I submitted.
Word 2000 compact HTML
HTML tidy

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