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Syllabus for SCJD - Help
Sun has specified that the assignment question may require Swing and/or RMI and/or Network e.t.c.. But please tell me how much should be known in that.
For example, if in Swing, should I know JTree, JTable and all of Swing or is it enough if I am good in Layouts and some basic GUI components???
What should the candidate be prepared (in what levels) before downloading the question?
Please help me in clearing the doubt,
Thanks in advance,
An SCJD exam taker has to know Swing, RMI/Object Serialization over TCP, Multithreading, File I/O, Jar and most of all standard design patterns.
And I believe before downloading an SCJD assignment, you need to study or know nothing (as you must be SCJP earlier you know the basic things). Download and then start studying topics accordign to your assignment --- you'll get at least one year to complete!

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