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NX: URLy Bird 1.3.1 GUI Design
Hello Max/Andrew,
I am following Max's GUI design closely and adapting it to URLy Bird's requirements. I find that I can more or less maintain one-to-one correspondance between his classes and mine. Therefore, a significant amount of coding is boiling down to cutting and pasting from his code to mine and making package/class/method/variable name changes. Removing the functionality that is not needed, adding stuff that URLy Bird calls for. Still, I find that I can use a lot of code already written by Max.
My question to you gentlemen is: shall I be failed by a grader who has read Max's book and sees a close correspondance to his code? Mind you, it is not mindless copying I am after, but smart "lifting" of code?
Is it OK to do that?
I don't see much point in reinventing the wheel here.
Hi Bharat
I don't think it is possible to copy Max's design. After all there are some significant differences between his DVD store and your assignment. One example: If you follow Max's design exactly, you will not have met the locking requirements of your assignment.
What you can do, though, is adapt Max's design to your assignment. To do that properly you will have to understand what Max is trying to achieve and see the parallel in your assignment, and then adapt it to fit.
And if you do that, then you are following good development practice. And it wouldnt matter if you were adapting stuff from Max's book, or from JavaRanch, or from Sun's site, or from JavaWorld, or ....
So I think you should be OK.
Regards, Andrew
Hello Andrew,
I meant only the Swing part of it.
Same tabular representation. Selection of record. Book instead of Rent. Drop-downs instead of text boxes. Same stuff really. I didn't mean the locking piece of it. That is where I bugged you and Max quite a bit. Both Swing and RMI seem to be rather straight-forward to me.
In RMI we have to use the Factory Pattern to assure unique instances of client->DataAdapter->Data so that locking works correctly in Data. Otherwise, his design seems to be reusable.
I think I wasn't clear enough in my question. I will try to articulate better next time.
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