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Andries Letsela
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ITRW 122
Assignment 8 Group 230 September 2003
Input and output on the console window.
The following applies to students who apply for bursaries at a certain University. Students between 18 and 25 years old who did not spend more than 5 years at the University studying will get a bursary.
In the test class:
Ask the student number (8 digits, last four represents the first year of entry) as well as the date of birth (yyyy/mm/dd) from the console window.
Send the information to the constructor.
Use a method getYearsEnrolled to determine and return the number of years enrolled at the university. The last 4 characters of the student number indicate the first year of enrolment.
Use a method getAge to determine and return the person’s age in years.
Use the method getBursary to determine and return if the student will get a bursary(Yes) or not (No).
The program must be able to handle an unknown number of students. The user must indicate with a YES whether he/she wants to continue.
The program must consist of two classes namely: the class called Bursary and the test class called BursaryTest
Output must be on the console window
Test data:
Input: 80122001 (student number)
1980/12/12 (date of birth)
Number of years: 2
Your age is : 23
Bursary: Yes
Input: 70111996
Number of years enrolled: 7
Your age is: 22
Bursary : No
Mark Spritzler
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IntelliJ IDE Mac Spring
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Andries. Welcome to Javaranch.
I am sorry but unfortunately your question is not regarding the SCJD certification.
This forum is for questions on the SCJD assignment.
On another note, it appears that your question is taken from your own schoolwork. We really like helping people out here at Javaranch, but we can't do your homework for you.
If you like you can post some of your own code to see if you are on the right track and we can help you that way.
I think you will want to post your question in the Java Beginner forum.
But realize that if you ask for someone else to do your work, you won't get much, if any, of a response.
Thanks, and I am going to close this thread.
Good Luck, and we definitely want to help you learn Java, so that you can look at your assignment and say. "What an easy task"
Oh, and your title/topic for this thread "Help" doesn't really tell the other ranch memebers what type of question you are asking, and tends to find little responses too.
Please, don't think I am mad or anything, I just want to help you out, and get better responses in the future for your posts.
[ October 06, 2003: Message edited by: Mark Spritzler ]
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