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General SCJD Questions
Hello all,
I am about to take the SCJP, and then gear up for the SCJD ASAP.
I was wondering about some of the following items:
1) Can you work with others(they are going for the SCJD as well)?
2) Although there is no time limit for the development of the application,
about how long does it take to complete the project/exam?
3) Are all the new assignments the same? Does everyone who applys for the
test get the same exam?

Thanks for all your help, and future help.
Zak Nixon
Hi Zak,
  • As I understand it, Sun do not mind collaboration for the SCJD (SCEA is different). However the code you submit must be your own work. So you could not split the project between two or three people. Plus the exam is based on the assignment you submit. So if you did submit someone else's code, you may find that you cannot answer the questions in the exam.
  • If you already know how to do all the work (so you already know how to read/write files, can develop a multi user thread safe networked server using Sockets and RMI, can build the client GUI using Swing, can make executable jar files, and can use other classes like Properties, then you might be able to complete the project in around 120 - 160 hours. If you have to learn things along the way it will probably take longer.
  • There are multiple assignments and multiple versions of those assignments (as mentioned in the JavaRanch SCJD FAQ). If you do collaborate with someone else, they may have a different assignment than you, and even if you happen to get the same major category (e.g. Hotels) you may still find minor differences in the assignments. Regardless everyone still has the same basic concepts to develop which I mentioned previously.

  • Good luck.
    Regards, Andrew
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