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PROBLEM -- Upload assignment and essay exam
Last Friday I was permitted to upload assignment. I tried to do that, i.e. chose the file
and pressed Submit button but nothing happened, moreover my browser told me that it could not open the page. I tried few times with no success. When I logged in again I found that I have no permission to upload it anymore.
Does it mean I uploaded it? I sent few emails to prometric on Friday and today and there is no (even automatic) reply yet. Im taking essay exam tomorrow, and only 2 hours left to reschedule it. What should I do?
Thank you very much
Hi Denis,
I'd try to call the test center or Sun. Sorry don't have phone number ready...
Thank you Marcel,
but Im at work and international calls are blocked :roll:
Hey Denis,
Don't give up so easily...
Have a look at http://ca.sun.com/en/contact/:
Training Phone: (800) 422.8020. Ok, this is not certification but it may be a good starting point.
Thanks again, Marcel
I've just received 2 emails from Sun where they confirm that they received upload


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